ISER plays key role in Brussels seminar

Three ISER researchers will speak at a seminar today aimed at reviewing the current state of research and knowledge on the issue of social mobility.

Leading ISER academics Stephen Jenkins, John Ermisch and ISER Associate Ayse Güveli are speaking at the seminar in Brussels which has been organised by the Social Situation Observatory – Network on income distribution and living conditions.

The event is set against a backdrop of growing political concern across the EU that mobility within a generation (intra-generational mobility) and/or mobility across generations (inter-generational mobility) could be in decline.

Organisers hope the event will enable them to:

  • assess the current situation in the EU-27
  • evaluate the impact of family and education background on social mobility
  • address the issue of intra-generational mobility and poverty

ISER researchers will be covering a range of subjects from International migration and social mobility in Europe, (Güveli), Income mobility and poverty dynamics in Britain (Jenkins) and the Causal effects of parents’ education on children’s education (Ermisch).


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