Call for proposals

Academics and researchers are being invited to submit proposals for methodological experiments to be incorporated on the Understanding Society Innovation Panel from wave 4 onwards.

Experiments could relate to the design of survey instruments, for example question wording, scale format, item order, etc, or to survey design features such as procedures intended to reduce non-response or to improve fieldwork efficiency. Data collection for wave 4, which is is primarily by face-to-face interviewing, will take place in spring 2011. The sample size is approximately 1,200 households.

The deadline for receipt of proposals is June 29th 2010.

Data collection costs will be borne by the UK Household Longitudinal Study and there will be no cost to successful proposers. Proposers will be expected to contribute to reports on the outcomes of the Innovation Panel. They are also welcome to publish their own research based on the resultant data which will be made available as soon as possible and in advance of general release via the UK Data Archive.

The full call for proposals, including information about the principles to which proposals must adhere, the criteria by which proposals will be judged, and the application process, can be downloaded from the Understanding Society website


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