Household inequalities presentation

ISER’s Holly Sutherland will be presenting a paper at the Gender Equality in Paid and Unpaid Work Conference in London next week. Together with Fran Bennett from Oxford University and Sue Himmelweit and Jerome de Henau from the Open University, she will be speaking about the policy implications of within household inequalities between men and women.

The conference, organised by the Economic and Social Research Council’s Gender Equality Network, is being held at Church House Conference Centre in London, will present and discuss the latest evidence on gender (in)equality in paid and unpaid work. The conference brings together academics, policy makers and those interested in the changing circumstances of employment and family to discuss the latest findings and new evidence about gender equality in paid and unpaid work. The purpose is to help identify priorities for policy interventions and realistic strategies of achieving greater gender equality in paid and unpaid work.

Holly said:

“Public policy tends to treat the distribution of resources within households as a private issue. But questions about who controls which resources within couples, what they use them for and who benefits are crucial for understanding the effects of policy on inequalities – at work as well as at home – between women and men.”


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