Social Class in Europe

Social Class in Europe introduces a new social class schema, the European Socio-economic Classification (ESeC), which has been specifically developed and tested for use in EU comparative research.

With contributions from some of the leading experts on class in the world, the book, edited by David Rose, introduces researchers to the new classification and its research potential.

While primarily aimed at researchers who will be using the ESeC, the book’s contents will also have a wider appeal as it is suitable for students taking substantive courses in European studies or as a supplementary text for undergraduates studying the EU, Sociology and Economics. It is also expected to become required reading for policy makers and analysts concerned with social inequality and social exclusion across Europe.

David Rose is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at ISER. He was academic convener of both the ESRC Review of Government Social Classifications, which led to the creation of the National Statistics Socio-economic Classification, and of the ESeC project, and has published widely on the topic of social class in the UK.

Social Class in Europe

  • Title: Social Class in Europe
  • Edited by: David Rose and Eric Harrison
  • Publisher: Routledge


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