Peter is keynote speaker at Bremen Conference

ISER’s Peter Lynn, Professor of Survey Methodology, is keynote speaker at an international conference being held this week in Bremen, Germany, on Improving Survey Methods.

Peter’s presentation is on methodological research for longitudinal surveys and will draw upon research carried out at ISER under the auspices of Understanding Society.

The conference is focused on recent advancements in survey methods and is organised by the German Priority Programme in Survey Methods in collaboration with the European Association of Methodology (EAM and with support of the European Survey Research Association.

Seven other ISER researchers are also involved in the conference, either as presenters or co-authors of papers. Jon Burton, Emanuela Sala and Gundi Knies are giving a presentation on research they have undertaken on the effect of interviewer characteristics and attitudes on whether a respondent gives their consent to data linkage. The presentation is called Interviewer Effects on Consenting to Health Data Linkage on a Longitudinal Survey of a General Population.

Annette Jäckle, Peter Lynn and Alita Nandi are co-authors of a paper on Mixed Modes and Measurement Error: Comparing face-to-face, telephone and web modes. Other members of the ISER team, including Annelies Blom and Stephanie McFall, are also involved in a poster session at the conference.


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