Leading quantitative sociologist to give BHPS keynote address

Professor Thomas DiPrete Professor Thomas DiPrete

Leading US quantitative sociologist, Professor Thomas DiPrete is to deliver the keynote address at the BHPS Conference 2009.

Professor DiPrete is currently spending five weeks visiting ISER as part of a joint ESRC-SSRC scheme to encourage research links between the UK and North America. He has also been invited to give the plenary address at the three day conference which gets underway on July 9 at the University of Essex.

ISER Director Stephen Jenkins said it was “a real coup” to have such a distinguished academic visiting ISER.

“The point of the scheme is for academics from either side of the Atlantic to explore common interests and to develop research ideas and collaborative research. Professor DiPrete’s visit provides an opportunity not only for us to take advantage of his expertise, but also to extend ISER’s international reputation. We are also delighted that he is to be the BHPS Conference keynote speaker.”

Professor DiPrete’s main research interests concern social stratification and mobility, education, organizations and labor markets, demography, and quantitative methodology. He is currently a board member of the Research Committee 28 of the International Sociological Association, is the immediate past-president of the methodology section of the American Sociological Association, and spent 2008-09 as a visiting scholar at the Russell Sage Foundation after finishing a term as the chair of the sociology department of Columbia University. In recent years, he has taught Social Inequality, Methods of Social Research, Organizations and Management, Social Statistics, Computers and Society, and various courses in the area of Social Stratification.

His address will be on The rising gender gap in educational attainment.


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