BHPS Conference 2009

Does it pay to be nice? Does sharing household chores and childcare matter to happy marriage? Is Family Smoking Causal? These are just some of the many questions being addressed at the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) Conference next month.

The programme for the event, hosted by ISER at the University of Essex, has just been published and more than 60 contributors will present their research across three days from July 9-11.

The conference provides an international forum for the exchange of research based on longitudinal data such as the BHPS, which has been run by ISER since 1991. The event aims to bring together people from different disciplines ranging from economics, sociology, politics, social psychology, or research and survey methods.

Thomas DiPrete from Columbia University is the conference keynote speaker.

There is still time to register to attend the BHPS Conference but the closing date is June 26.


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