A chance to innovate

Researchers are being given the chance to influence the most ambitious longitudinal survey ever undertaken in the UK.

The UK Household Longitudinal Survey will interview around 100,000 individuals from 40,000 households every year. Considerable work has gone into the design of the survey including the use of an Innovation Panel to test and trial questions. The Panel has also provided an exciting opportunity for advancements in methodological research.

Now the team at ISER running the survey is hoping to involve the wider research community in identifying methodological issues that should be addressed by the Innovation Panel and experimental designs that can best shed light on those issues.

Researchers are being invited to submit proposals for experiments with either the design of survey instruments or field work and associated procedures to be incorporated into Wave 3 of the Panel, field work for which will take place early in 2010.

Peter Lynn, who heads up Survey Methodology research at ISER said:

“This is an excellent opportunity for researchers with an interest in this area to get involved with and influence this ground-breaking survey, which is not only the most ambitious study of its kind, but is also providing an opportunity for major advancements in survey methodology.”

Proposals should be sent to <%= enkode_mail(‘scnuhrig@essex.ac.uk’,‘Noah Uhrig’) %> by Monday June 1 2009. All proposers will be notified of the review panel’s decisions by June 30 2009.


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