Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys

The issues around designing, carrying out and analysing longitudinal surveys come under scrutiny in a newly-published book by ISER’s Peter Lynn.

Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys examines the current state of the art in carrying out these surveys as well as the issues that arise in surveys that collect longitudinal data via retrospective methods. It also reviews recent developments in the field, including the use of dependent interviewing and mixed mode data collection.

Experts from Canada, USA, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands as well as the UK have pooled their expertise and experience in this international publication, and provide insights into panel surveys around the world. Peter Lynn said:

“The book brings together the experiences and thinking of some of the most respected Survey Methodology experts in the world and I hope it will foster and stimulate a lot of further discussion and research in this area.”

The book is aimed at researchers involved in commissioning, designing or carrying out longitudinal surveys, as well as those planning data analysis. It will also serve as a useful secondary text for students of research methods. It’s hoped the book will stimulate further methodological research. students of survey statistics.

Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys is published by Wiley

Longitudinal surveys are surveys that involve collecting data from multiple subjects on multiple occasions. They are typically used for collecting data relating to social, economic, educational and health-related issues and they serve as an important tool for economists, sociologists, and other researchers.


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