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Dr Paul Fisher Research Fellow, University of Essex

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Research Interests:

My research spans a variety of areas in applied economics. Ongoing projects cover: labour economics, economic demography and health economics. I am also interested in the design, collection and analysis of survey data, particularly with regard to the measurement of household living standards. I am a member of the Understanding Society: the UK Household Longitudinal Study team responsible for income research ( 

Latest Blog Posts


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    1. Does repeated measurement improve income data quality?

      Paul Fisher

      1. Economics
      2. Survey Methodology
      3. Income Dynamics
    2. Dif-in-dif estimators of multiplicative treatment effects

      Emanuele Ciani and Paul Fisher

    3. British tax credit simplification, the intra-household distribution of income and family consumption

      Paul Fisher

      1. Households
      2. Welfare Benefits
      3. Taxation
      4. Sociology Of Households
    4. Minority report: ethnic minorities in Britain are experiencing contrasting fortunes when we look at pay and poverty

      Paul Fisher and Alita Nandi

      1. Poverty
      2. Income Dynamics
      3. Wages And Earnings
      4. Ethnic Groups

    Centres and surveys

    Micro-social change, surveys and data, tax and benefit microsimulation


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