Miss Nicole James Research Student; Survey Data Officer, University of Essex

Nicole James

Nicole is a Survey Data Officer working on the Data Receipt and Data Release teams for Understanding Society. This involves data processing (both while the data is in field and after the fieldwork period has finished), writing and implementing quality assurance checks, liaising with the fieldwork agency, and improving the current processes by writing programs in Stata to increase efficiency.

Current Projects:

  • UKHLS Family Matrix: an individual level cross-wave file of all enumerated sample members (150k+) that contains familial relationship identifiers reported over the survey period. It also contains a household identifier variable (osm_hh) that identifies the household the sample member originated from to connect those who were co-resident at some point or were co-resident with individuals who were co-resident with each other.
  • UKHLS PEACH: an individual level cross-wave file of children sample members that contains the pregnancy and early childhood information.

Nicole is also a PhD Student in Survey Methodology using Understanding Society data and her thesis working title is “Understanding Response in a Household Panel Context”.

Follow her Twitter: @NicoleDJames_

Latest Publications

Using Colectica Designer for questionnaire specification – challenges, progress and future plans

  1. Survey Methodology
  2. Computing