Understanding Society – where are we now?ISER Internal Seminars

This seminar aims to provide ISER researchers and others with an opportunity to find out how Understanding Society is progressing. It will provide an update on the design, content and progress on Understanding Society so that researchers are in a better position to start thinking about research possibilities for the future. The talk will outline the key elements of the design including the sample structure, timetable and sequence of data collection on the various elements contained within the sample. A progress update on wave 1 fieldwork will be provided and details of the content of the wave 1 and wave 2 questionnaires summarised together with the likely rotation pattern of modules in future waves. The experiments included on the Innovation Panel waves 1, 2 and planned for wave 3 will be described. The plans for the collection of bio-social data will also be outlined. Finally the tentative plans for an interim data release will be discussed.

Presented by:

Heather Laurie (ISER)

Date & time:

11 Nov 2009 13:00 pm - 11 Nov 2009 14:00 pm

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