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This UKHLS Biomarkers Training Course is taught by Michaela Benzeval, Meena Kumari and Apostolos Davillas.

Course outline:

In Wave 2 for the general population sample and wave 3 for the BHPS sample UKHLS included a nurse visit. The physical measures data from these interviews have already been deposited at the UK Data Service. In December 2014, blood analytes will be deposited. The purpose of this training course is to introduce the blood analytes included in the UKHLS/BHPS datasets; and outline some of the issues that need to be considered in analysing them.
Course Objectives:

* To be informed of the analytes available in the study and what they might be used for
* To be aware of some of the biological processes through which social factors might affect health
* To be aware of key issues in analysing blood analytes in general and for the specific measures in UKHLS/BHPS in particular
* To discuss potential research questions that you might want to investigate with data and potential analytical issues with them

The workshop will last three hours and be a mix of lectures and group discussion. You will be provided with a copy of the UKHLS biomarkers user guide and glossary

Presented by:

Michaela Benzeval, Meena Kumari and Apostolos Davillas.

Date & time:

18 Nov 2014 12:52 pm


University of Essex – Institute for Social and Economic Research


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