The Inverted Gender Gap: Measuring the Intensity of Employer Priors against Men and Women with Arabic NamesISER External Seminars

This study examines differences in the intensity of employer priors against men and women with arabic names in by testing how much more work experience is needed to eliminate the disadvantage of having
an arabic-name on job applications. Employers are �first sent CVs of equal merits in a fi�eld-experiment setup. Arabic-named CVs are thereafter enhanced with more relevant work experience than Swedish named CVs. Results indicate an inverted gender gap in employer priors as initial di�fferences in employer interest disappear for female applicants when CVs for arabic named applications are enhanced, but
remain strong and signfi�cant for male applicants.

Presented by:

Lena Nekby (Stockholm University)

Date & time:

9 Nov 2009 16:00 pm - 9 Nov 2009 17:30 pm

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