Marketplace Matching: Evidence from Individual Unemployment Spells in BritainISER Internal Seminars

This paper investigates job matching patterns in the Great Britain. Evidence from individual transitions out of unemployment demonstrates that recently
unemployed workers are likely to find jobs in the existing stock of vacancies. If, however, they are unlucky and fail to match early on, job
seekers cease matching with existing vacancies. Workers with longer unemployment spells instead form matches with the flow of new vacancies.
This pattern is more pronounced for workers who experienced only short spells of employment prior to their current job search. This evidence
provides robust support for stock-flow matching but is difficult to reconcile with random matching.

Presented by:

Kuo Mien-Yun (Department of Economics, University of Essex)

Date & time:

15 Feb 2006 13:00 pm - 15 Feb 2006 00:00 am

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