Differences in job-finding rates and job quality between unemployed and employed job seekersISER Internal Seminars

Using individual panel data including details of on-the-job search activities of employed people, this paper compares the probability that unemployed and employed job seekers find a job and the quality of the job they find. Even after controlling for unobserved heterogeneity the job finding rate of unemployed job seekers is higher than that of employed job seekers. Employed job seekers are less likely to accept low-wage and temporary jobs, or jobs that do not meet their working hour requirements. Part of this difference is related to the negative signal of unemployment.

Presented by:

Simonetta Longhi (ISER)

Date & time:

21 Jan 2015 13:00 pm - 21 Jan 2015 14:00 pm


Large Seminar Room (2N2.4.16)

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