Catholicism in Europe: Ireland and Slovenia ComparedISER Internal Seminars

This research project is a comparative study of two Catholic countries –
Ireland and Slovenia. Within the literature on religion in Ireland very
little comparative work has been carried out and even studies that do
incorporate a comparative component, Slovenia has never been considered as
useful cases of comparison. Drawing on data from the World Values Survey and
the European Social Survey, this project examines changing patterns in
relation to affiliation, belief and practice in these two Catholic societies
and attempts to explain variation with respect to these dimensions of
religiosity with reference to the specific religious, political, and
socio-cultural histories of each society.

Presented by:

Brian Conway (ECASS visitor, Department of Sociology, National University of Ireland)

Date & time:

9 Jul 2008 12:00 pm - 8 Jul 2008 23:00 pm

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