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BHPS publications

We maintain a database of publications which use BHPS data (journal articles, book chapters, books, conference papers/proceedings, official publications, working papers, dissertations) and it is important that we keep it up to date.

If you have any recent publications which use the BHPS, and which are not already included in the database, please contact the

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  1. The financial stability conjuncture and outlook: UK corporate and personal sectors

    - -

  2. The financial stability conjuncture and outlook: UK corporate and personal sectors

    - -

  3. Three developments in the statistical modelling of social survey data: as assessment of technical and substantive merits -PhD Thesis-

    P.S. Lambert

    1. Statistical Analysis
    2. Surveys
  4. Essays on duration response measurement error -PhD Thesis-

    M.B.G. Dumangane

  5. Who benefits? A comparison of welfare and outcomes for the unemployed in Britain and Germany -PhD Thesis-

    Frances McGinnity

    1. Unemployment
    2. Welfare Benefits
  6. Poverty and social exclusion in rural Scotland

    1. Rural Economics
    2. Rural Sociology
  7. Unemployment scarring

    Wiji Arulampalam, Paul Gregg, and Mary Gregory

  8. Is unemployment really scarring? Effects of unemployment experiences on wages

    Wiji Arulampalam

    1. Unemployment
    2. Wages And Earnings
  9. Regional earnings inequality in Great Britain: a decomposition analysis

    Heather Dickey

  10. A childhood in poverty: persistent versus transitory poverty

    Richard Berthoud

    1. Child Development
    2. Poverty
  11. Income and health: the time dimension

    Michaela Benzeval and Ken Judge

  12. Social locations, spatial locations and voting at the 1997 British general election: evaluating the sources of Conservative support

    R.J. Johnston, C.J. Pattie, D.F.L. Dorling, et al.

    1. Politics
    2. Social Groups
    3. Elections. Electoral Behaviour
  13. The liberal democrats: strategy, structure & third party politics in contemporary Britain, 1999-2001

    Andrew Russell, Ed Fieldhouse, and Iain MacAllister

  14. Using simulation-based inference with panel data in health economics

    Paul Contoyannis, Andrea M. Jones, and Roberto Leon-Gonzalez

    1. Survey Methodology
    2. Health
  15. Pension reform and saving in Britain

    Richard Disney, Carl Emmerson, and Matthew Wakefield

  16. Overtime work, overtime compensation and the distribution of economic well-being: evidence for West Germany and Great Britain

    Markus Pannenberg and Gert G. Wagner

  17. The national press and party voting in the UK

    Kenneth Newton and Malcolm Brynin

    1. Media
    2. Elections. Electoral Behaviour
  18. Saving behaviour and earnings uncertainty: evidence from the British Household Panel Survey

    Alessandra Guariglia

  19. Transition to adulthood in Great Britain and the process of globalization

    Katrin Golsch

  20. Income distribution and income dynamics in the United Kingdom

    Jayasri Dutta, J. A. Sefton, and M. R. Weale

  21. The impact of health on wages: evidence from the British Household Panel Survey

    Paul Contoyannis and Nigel Rice

    1. Wages And Earnings
    2. Health
  22. Reply: ward-level deprivation and individual social and economic outcomes in the British household Panel Study

    Andrew McCulloch

  23. The role of micro-level panel data in policy research

    Richard V. Burkhauser and Timothy M. Smeeding

  24. The influence of work and family roles on women's socioeconomic and psychological well-being at midlife: a life course perspective: PhD thesis

    Kim Perren

    1. Labour Market
    2. Family Formation And Dissolution
  25. Unpaid work in the workplace: a comparison of Germany and the UK

    D.N.F. Bell, Alessandro Gaj, Robert A. Hart, et al.

  26. Self- employment and windfall gains in Britain: evidence from panel data -article-

    Mark P. Taylor

    1. Labour Market
    2. Households
  27. Scottish social statistics 2001

  28. Income inequality and the prevalence of common mental disorders in Britain

    Scott Weich, Glyn Lewis, and Stephen P. Jenkins

    1. Income Dynamics
    2. Health
  29. Household work in the UK: an analysis of the British Household Panel Survey 1994

    Sue Bond and Jill Sales

  30. What really matters in a job? Hedonic measurement using quit data

    Andrew E. Clark

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