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BHPS publications

We maintain a database of publications which use BHPS data (journal articles, book chapters, books, conference papers/proceedings, official publications, working papers, dissertations) and it is important that we keep it up to date.

If you have any recent publications which use the BHPS, and which are not already included in the database, please contact the

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  1. Essays on complementarities in bipartite matching and in policy combination -PhD thesis-

    Joao Herculano de Carvalho Montalvao-Machado

    1. Economics
    2. Health
  2. Socioeconomic position as a common cause for smoking, drinking, and psychiatric distress over the transition to adulthood -PhD thesis-

    Michael J. Green

    1. Drug/Alcohol Abuse
    2. Young People
    3. Well Being
    4. Health
    5. Social Stratification
  3. Geodemographics: creating a classification at the level of the individual -PhD thesis-

    Luke Peter Burns

    1. Geography
    2. Demography
    3. Microsimulation
  4. Mothers, daughters and workers? An analysis of the relationship between women's family caring, social class and labour market participation in the UK -PhD thesis-

    Karon Elizabeth Gush

    1. Labour Market
    2. Social Stratification
    3. Caregiving
  5. Residential mobility desires and behaviour over the life course: linking lives through time -PhD thesis-

    Rory Coulter

    1. Geography
    2. Migration
    3. Life Course Analysis
  6. Essays on different forms of labour market participation - PhD thesis-

    Magdalena Rokicka

  7. A social ecological perspective on health behaviours -PhD thesis-

    Carol Desousa

    1. Health
    2. Social Stratification
  8. Essays on the measurement of poverty -PhD thesis-

    Laurence Stanley James Roope

  9. Cross-class families: a social capital perspective -PhD thesis-

    Shasha Zhang

    1. Social Capital
    2. Social Stratification
  10. Household formation and dissolution -MPhil thesis-

    Lavinia Parisi

    1. Young People
    2. Households
    3. Poverty
    4. Family Formation And Dissolution
  11. The dissolution of first unions and women’s economic activity in the UK -PhD thesis-

    Deborah Ann Wiltshire

    1. Social Change
    2. Labour Market
    3. Family Formation And Dissolution
  12. Adverse selection in the credit market for consumers: does comparison income influence UK individuals' demand for debt? -PhD thesis-

    Ourega-Zoé Ejebu

    1. Income Dynamics
    2. Debt: Indebtedness
  13. Going nowhere? Rural youth employment, social capital and migration in Britain -PhD thesis-

    Martin Culliney

    1. Rural Economics
    2. Migration
    3. Young People
    4. Labour Market
  14. Alternative econometric methods for the analysis of unemployment duration, with applications to the UK job seeker's allowance reform -PhD thesis-

    Daniele Bernardinelli

    1. Econometrics
    2. Unemployment
    3. Welfare Benefits
  15. Family size and educational consequences in the UK -PhD thesis-

    Morag Henderson

    1. Education
    2. Households
    3. Family Formation And Dissolution
    4. Childbearing: Fertility
  16. Timing of single motherhood: implications for employment careers in Great Britain and West Germany -PhD thesis-

    Hannah Zagel

    1. Labour Market
    2. Unemployment
    3. Childbearing: Fertility
    4. Welfare Benefits
  17. Empirical essays on the economics of education -PhD thesis-

    Javier Valbuena

    1. Human Capital
    2. Education
    3. Economics
    4. Higher Education
  18. Three essays in household finance -PhD thesis-

    Frederick Kibon Changwony

    1. Social Networks
    2. Psychology
    3. Households
    4. Finance
    5. Housing Market
    6. Social Psychology
  19. Essays in population economics - PhD thesis-

    Sarkis Manoukian

    1. Young People
    2. Life Course Analysis
  20. Liens sociaux et construction identitaire des enfants de couples mixtes. Une étude comparée en France, en Allemagne et au Royaume-Uni -PhD thesis-

    Anne Unterreiner

    1. Social Groups
    2. Young People
    3. Social Psychology
  21. Career progression and professional conflict in Great Britain -PhD thesis-

    Barbara Menara

  22. The impact of labor conditions on subjective health

    Mark Treurniet

    1. Labour Market
    2. Health
  23. Occupational sex-segregation in Britain: nature, causes, consequences -PhD thesis-

    Francisco Perales Pérez

    1. Social Groups
    2. Labour Market
    3. Wages And Earnings
  24. Towards the green household: an investigation into the influences on behaviour change -PhD thesis-

    Hazel Pettifor

    1. Environmental Sociology
    2. Households
    3. Social Behaviour
  25. Essays on the economics of trade unions -PhD thesis-

    Michail Veliziotis

  26. The impact of education on the transition to parenthood. An analysis of Belgian and British panel data -PhD thesis-

    Dieter Demey

    1. Education
    2. Childbearing: Fertility
  27. Low income, work and the tax-benefit system: three studies using panel data -PhD thesis-

    Giacomo C.M. Damioli

    1. Labour Market
    2. Poverty
    3. Welfare Benefits
    4. Taxation
  28. Older people's participation in welfare and disability benefit programmes - PhD thesis-

    Francesca Zantomio

    1. Disability
    2. Older People
  29. Financial stocks and political bonds: stock market participation and political behavior in the United States and Britain -PhD thesis-

    Munro C. Richardson

    1. Politics
    2. Savings And Assets
    3. Finance
  30. Household labour supply in Great Britain: can policy-makers rely on neoclassical models? -PhD thesis-

    Marie-Christine Tabet

    1. Sociology Of Labour
    2. Labour Market
    3. Sociology Of Households

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