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Religion and abortion: The role of politician identity

In a column for Ideas for India, Professor Sonia Bhalotra and her colleagues Irma Clots-Figueras of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Lakshmi Iyer of the University of Notre Dame introduce their new research paper which examines whether the religious identity of legislators influences abortion rates in the districts in which they are elected, conditional upon their party affiliation

How India’s bridal dowry tradition leads to missing women

In a new discussion paper for the Centre for Economic Policy Research, Professor Sonia Bhalotra and her colleagues Abhishek Chakravarty of the University of Manchester and Selim Gulesci of Bocconi University investigate how the financial burden of dowry expectation contributes to the sex ratio imbalance in India

Next Director of EUROMOD announced

Matteo Richiardi appointed as Professor of Economics and will take over as Director of EUROMOD from Professor Holly Sutherland in the autumn