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ESRC Research Centre on Micro-Social Change (MiSoC) paid visiting fellowship

We welcome applications from researchers seeking to spend time as at ISER as a Visiting Fellow of the ESRC Research Centre on Micro-Social Change (MiSoC).

Applications are welcome from researchers whose proposal fits within the scope of the current MiSoC proposal, and who can clearly identify the benefits of a visit both to the researcher and to MiSoC. Information about the research in the current MiSoC programme is available here, and there is more information about all research done at ISER here.

Visits can be from 1 week to several months. When deciding how long to visit, please bear in mind that longer visits cost more money, but very short visits make it hard to build meaningful connections with MiSoC researchers. When deciding when to visit, please be aware that most MiSoC researchers are likely to be around for the September to May period, but that they may also be at their busiest then; on the other hand, there is little point visiting during August. A networked PC and shared office would be made available, plus access to ISER research infrastructure resources. Residence at ISER for the duration of the Fellowship would be required. Visitors would be welcome to attend the department’s 2 weekly seminar series, as well as participate in meetings of the various internal (monthly) research groups. Visitors will be expected to make at least one formal presentation of their research while they are visiting ISER, to acknowledge MiSoC funding in papers which relate to their visit, and to publish their work, where appropriate, as an ISER Working Paper.

Funds are available to cover visitors’ travelling costs and accommodation costs, but if you are able to cover these costs yourself, then do say so when you apply.

Applications can be made at any time. To apply, you will need to submit the following (unless already actively collaborating with ISER researchers, in which case you should arrange your visit through your contacts here):

  • a full CV, including the names of two academic referees who can be contacted
  • a research proposal of 1000-2500 words outlining the research planned during the visit
  • a covering letter stating a) how your visit will contribute to the MiSoC programme, as well as how the visit will likely be of benefit to you and b) your preferred dates to visit ISER.

Researchers interested in being a Visiting Fellow at MiSoC are strongly advised to contact MiSoC’s research staff to discuss informally the subject of their research proposal. If you are unclear whom to contact, or you have any other enquiry, please contact Alari Paulus.