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Understanding Society Working Paper Series 2016

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  1. Web-CAPI sequential mixed mode design in a longitudinal survey: effects on participation rates, sample composition and costs

    Annamaria Bianchi, Silvia Biffignandi, and Peter Lynn

  2. Total survey error for longitudinal surveys

    Peter Lynn and Peter Lugtig

  3. Is that still the same? Has that changed? On the accuracy of measuring change with dependent interviewing

    Annette J├Ąckle and Stephanie Eckman

  4. The advantage and disadvantage of implicitly stratified sampling

    Peter Lynn

  5. Obtaining data linkage consent for children: factors influencing outcomes and potential biases

    Tarek Al Baghal

  6. The impact of dependent interviewing wording and survey factors on reporting of change

    Tarek Al Baghal

  7. Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 8: results from methodological experiments

    Mathew Creighton, Jennifer Dykema, Alessandra Gaia, et al.

  8. Call and response: modelling longitudinal contact and cooperation using Wave 1 call records data

    Carlos Lagorio

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