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ISER Working Paper Series 2021

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  1. Relative wages and pupil performance, evidence from TIMSS

    Joshua Fullard

    1. Young People
    2. Education
    3. Child Development
    4. Labour Market
    5. Labour Economics
    6. Economics
    7. Wages And Earnings
    8. Well Being
    9. Health
  2. Bad economy, good teachers? The countercyclicality of enrolment Into Initial Teacher Training Programmes in the UK

    Joshua Fullard

    1. Labour Market
    2. Unemployment
    3. Economics
    4. Higher Education
  3. Intergenerational wealth transmission in Great Britain

    Paul Gregg and Ricky Kanabar

    1. Households
    2. Savings And Assets
  4. Occupation flexibility and the graduate gender wage gap in the UK

    Liza Benny, Sonia Bhalotra, and Manuel Fernández

    1. Labour Market
    2. Economics
    3. Wages And Earnings
    4. Higher Education
  5. Methodological lessons from the pilot longitudinal survey on debt advice

    Oriol Bosch and Peter Lynn

    1. Survey Methodology
    2. Debt: Indebtedness
    3. Surveys
  6. Weather, psychological wellbeing and mobility during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic

    Ashley Burdett, Apostolos Davillas, and Ben Etheridge

    1. Information And Communication Technologies
    2. Psychology
    3. Geography
    4. Public Policy
    5. Well Being
    6. Health
    7. Covid 19
  7. Peer groups, social support, and well-being: evidence from a large online maternity community

    Lingqing Jiang and Zhen Zhu

    1. Social Groups
    2. Psychology
    3. Childbearing: Fertility
    4. Well Being
    5. Health

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