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Trans-ethnic association study of blood pressure determinants in over 750,000 individuals


  1. Ayush Giri
  2. Jacklyn N. Hellwege
  3. Jacob M. Keaton
  4. Jihwan Park
  5. Chengxiang Qiu
  6. Helen R. Warren
  7. Eric S. Torstenson
  8. Csaba P. Kovesdy
  9. Yan V. Sun
  10. Otis D. Wilson
  11. Cassianne Robinson-Cohen
  12. Christianne L. Roumie
  13. Cecilia P. Chung
  14. Kelly A. Birdwell
  15. Scott M. Damrauer
  16. Scott L. DuVall
  17. Derek Klarin
  18. Kelly Cho
  19. Yu Wang
  20. Evangelos Evangelou
  21. Claudia P. Cabrera
  22. Louise V. Wain
  23. Rojesh Shrestha
  24. Brian S. Mautz
  25. Elvis A. Akwo
  26. Muralidharan Sargurupremraj
  27. Stéphanie Debette
  28. Michael Boehnke
  29. Laura J. Scott
  30. Jian'an Luan
  31. Jing-Hua Zhao
  32. Sara M. Willems
  33. Sébastien Thériault
  34. Nabi Shah
  35. Christopher Oldmeadow
  36. Peter Almgren
  37. Ruifang Li-Gao
  38. Niek Verweij
  39. Thibaud S. Boutin
  40. Massimo Mangino
  41. Ioanna Ntalla
  42. Elena Feofanova
  43. Praveen Surendran
  44. James P. Cook
  45. Savita Karthikeyan
  46. Najim Lahrouchi
  47. Chunyu Liu
  48. Nuno Sepúlveda
  49. Tom G. Richardson
  50. Aldi Kraja
  51. Philippe Amouyel
  52. Martin Farrall
  53. Neil R. Poulter
  54. Markku Laakso
  55. Eleftheria Zeggini
  56. Peter Sever
  57. Robert A. Scott
  58. Claudia Langenberg
  59. Nicholas J. Wareham
  60. David Conen
  61. Colin Neil Alexander Palmer
  62. John Attia
  63. Daniel I. Chasman
  64. Paul M. Ridker
  65. Olle Melander
  66. Dennis Owen Mook-Kanamori
  67. Pim van der Harst
  68. Francesco Cucca
  69. David Schlessinger
  70. Caroline Hayward
  71. Tim D. Spector
  72. Marjo-Riitta Jarvelin
  73. Branwen J. Hennig
  74. Nicholas J. Timpson
  75. Wei-Qi Wei
  76. Joshua C. Smith
  77. Yaomin Xu
  78. Michael E. Matheny
  79. Edward E. Siew
  80. Cecilia Lindgren
  81. Karl-Heinz Herzig
  82. George Dedoussis
  83. Joshua C. Denny
  84. Bruce M. Psaty
  85. Joanna M. M. Howson
  86. Patricia B. Munroe
  87. Christopher Newton-Cheh
  88. Mark J. Caulfield
  89. Paul Elliott
  90. J. Michael Gaziano
  91. John Concato
  92. Peter W. F. Wilson
  93. Philip S. Tsao
  94. Digna R. Velez Edwards
  95. Katalin Susztak
  96. Christopher J. O'Donnell
  97. Adriana M. Hung
  98. Todd L. Edwards

Publication date



In this trans-ethnic multi-omic study, we reinterpret the genetic architecture of blood pressure to identify genes, tissues, phenomes and medication contexts of blood pressure homeostasis. We discovered 208 novel common blood pressure SNPs and 53 rare variants in genome-wide association studies of systolic, diastolic and pulse pressure in up to 776,078 participants from the Million Veteran Program (MVP) and collaborating studies, with analysis of the blood pressure clinical phenome in MVP. Our transcriptome-wide association study detected 4,043 blood pressure associations with genetically predicted gene expression of 840 genes in 45 tissues, and mouse renal single-cell RNA sequencing identified upregulated blood pressure genes in kidney tubule cells.

Published in

Nature Genetics

Volume and page numbers

51 , 51 -62





Ethnic Groups, Health, Biology, and Genetics


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