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Book Chapter Globalization, Uncertainty and Late Careers in Society Ch. 8

Late careers and career exits in Britain


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Globalization has been strongly shaping and transforming both national economies and individual careers in recent decades. These profound changes have had significant consequences for individual careers of men and women both during and after their employment career. This impressive new collection focuses on the effects of the globalization process on late-midlife workers and the exit from employment a relationship that has up to now mostly been neglected in social science literature on aging and employment.The research documented within these pages poses several important questions: * Has globalization produced fundamental shifts in late-midlife workers labor market participation and late careers? * What transformations in old age career mobility can we observe? * How are these transformations filtered by different national institutional settings?With an impressive array of contributions, this volume will interest students and academics involved in the study of sociology, welfare and globalization.

Volume and page numbers

183-209 , 183 -209


Older People and Labour Market


by Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Sandra Bucholz and Dirk Hofacker (eds); not held in Res Lib - bibliographic reference only

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