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Research Paper Working Papers of the European Scientific Network on Household Panel Studies 51

Methodology for household panels and longitudinal analysis: where are we and where do we go from here? A view from the British Household Panel Study -ESF Network working paper-


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This paper serves four purposes. First, it provides an introduction to the series of conference sessions on Household Panels and Longitudinal Data Analysis. Second, it gives a brief overview of the European Science Foundation (ESF) Network on Household Panel Studies which coordinated these sessions. Third it addresses some of the methodological themes which are less well covered within the limited time frame of the sessions, especially with regard to data collection and data quality issues bearing on problems of measurement error. Finally it offers examples from the British Household Panel Study of forms of methodological research which are particularly relevant to improving the quality of household panel studies and provides some speculative views on possible forms of methodological research on data analysis and data resource management.; working paper; International Conference on Social Science Methodology, Trento, Italy, June 1992


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