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Completed Projects

A list of ISER’s completed research

Low income   laundry   credit ryan oriecuia

Convergence of minimum benefit schemes in Europe: evidence at the micro level

Simulating reform scenarios of the minimum income benefit level in several European countries to estimate the effects on household incomes.

Sonia ttlv15 women

Female politicians and economic growth: evidence from state elections in India

Investigating whether women’s participation in politics stimulates economic growth in India.

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Methodological innovations in data collection in longitudinal studies

Producing resource documents to set an agenda for the CLOSER network by investigating the use of mixed-mode data collection in longitudinal surveys, how new technologies can be used to measure health and health behaviours, and how new technologies can be used to measure non health topics.

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EUROMOD extension to indirect taxation

Extending the model’s simulation tools for indirect tax policies to a wider range of European countries

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Causes of gender, disability, and ethnic pay gaps

Investigating the causes of pay inequalities for women, ethnic minorities and disabled people


Feasibility and added value of a European unemployment benefit scheme

What impact would a European-wide unemployment benefit scheme have on income stabilisation and social outcomes?

Tax calculator

Tax Shifting of Direct and Indirect Taxation in Italy and Spain

Extending the policy scope of EUROMOD to include indirect taxes

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Inequalities, Insurance, Incentives and Immigration: Challenges and Solutions for the Welfare State

This research project examines how recent challenges, such as increased economic uncertainty and ethnic diversity, have affected inequality and support for the welfare state in European countries.

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Measuring Youth Well-Being (MYWeB)

Assessing the desirability and feasibility of setting up a Europe-wide longitudinal study of the well-being of children and young people.

Ethnic community  nandi20140917 23488 lawr60

Poverty across ethnic groups through recession and austerity

Updating evidence on how the recession has affected economic well-being and economic vulnerability for different ethnic groups.

Iser proj busdriver20140917 23488 1b6sejs

Poverty and ethnicity: the impact of occupational segregation

A new study attempting to better understand the role of occupational segregation in ethnic minority poverty

Transmitting educational disadvantage

Transmitting educational disadvantage? Measuring intergenerational mobility in migrant families

A comprehensive, innovative project, providing an insight into the determinants of educational success amongst the children of immigrants.

Tarek ttlv15 surveys

Programme Evaluation for Policy Analysis

Examining the processes and methods used to evaluate the effectiveness of state interventions

Childrens health featured20140917 23488 17kpy5o

Disparities in children's health and behaviour: The importance of race/ethnicity in the UK and US

Examines ethnic/racial disparities in early child development – comparing the UK and US.

Framing effects loss aversion

Framing effects and loss aversion in labour supply responses to work disincentives: Is there an endowment effect?

An EssexLab experiment designed to see if taxes and the withdrawal of benefits have different impacts on individuals’ willingness to work

Iser proj in work20140917 23488 s3m3u6

Understanding the mechanisms of in-work benefits: Can they improve employment retention among lone parents?

A comprehensive investigation of time-limited incentives to work on short and medium-run employment outcomes.

Us datalink feat20140917 23488 18kwzrj

Improving reports to sensitive survey questions

An experimental project designed to test whether changes to questionnaire design will remove bias and improve answers to sensitive questions

Us impact20140917 23488 nws30f

Understanding non-response on Understanding Society

Seeking to understand and reduce non-response in panel surveys


Inclusive Growth Research Infrastructure Diffusion (InGRID)

Integrating existing European social sciences research infrastructures to develop and innovate evidence-based policies for inclusive growth

Distribution dynamics uk citizens featured20140917 23488 1hvle4i

The distribution and dynamics of UK citizens’ environmental attitudes, behaviours and actions

Expanding our understanding of environmental attitudes and behaviours.

Iser proj lonepfeat20140917 23488 1e04jhh

Lone parents obligations: an impact assessment

A comprehensive evaluation of the change to benefits entitlement for lone parents introduced in November 2008

Iser proj lugtig20140917 23488 1zf0uu

Survey data quality in panel surveys: trade-offs between nonresponse and measurement errors

Seeking to improve longitudinal data quality and reduce survey costs

Job polarisation

Job polarisation and job quality

Understanding the causes of polarisation, its features and its implications

Iser proj cara20140917 23488 fvv6uq

Assessing the effects of prenatal hormone exposure on the human life-Course

Breaking new ground in assessing how pre natal hormone exposure may influence the life course

Life transitions featured20140917 23488 ip02tu

Life transitions and travel behaviour

Examining what changes in our lives influence car ownership and commuting

Disability care needs featured20140917 23488 1waubao

Disability and care needs in the older population

Providing robust, independent empirical evidence on reform of care services and disability benefits for older disabled people

Effect free children featured20140917 23488 1dqq5xz

The effect of free childcare on maternal labour supply and child development

Exploring the effects on maternal labour supply of different types of free childcare

Us impact20140917 23488 16wcc6n

UK-Australia Network Promoting Longitudinal Survey Methods and Analysis

Creating an international partnership between ISER and the Universities of Melbourne and Queensland in Australia

Mum and child20140917 23488 14h86lu

Making work pay: single parents and Universal Credit

Analysing the impact of Universal Credit on single parent families and asking if the Government is ‘making work pay’.

Church medium

The Church Growth Research Programme

A comprehensive study of the causes of church growth and decline.

Iser proj derelictchurch feat20140917 23488 bhgjkt

Religious and secular morality in Britain and Europe

A detailed and timely study asking how values are changing in Europe and how much of this change might be due to the waning influence of religion.

Analysing interaction featured20140917 23488 11nv3bl

Analysing the interaction of the national minimum wage with the tax and benefits system

Examining the likely impact of Universal Credit on the incomes and incentives of families containing National Minimum Wage workers

Girl ball

Poverty Reduction in Europe: Social Policy and Innovation (ImPRovE)

Using EUROMOD to measure the impact of past policy decisions on poverty outcomes in Europe

Ukhls surveymobile feat20140917 23488 ksnnar

The how, why and when of web surveys for the general population

A network of experts exploring the implications of taking probability-based social surveys online.

Flexible working couples featured20140917 23488 gw47f7

Flexible working and couples’ coordination of time schedules

A ground-breaking project using previously unexploited data

Iser proj diss20140917 23488 2qcysd

Partnership dissolution and formation: how do they affect income, employment and well-being?

Exploring the economic outcomes of women, men and dependent children affected by partnership dissolution, and the impact of family breakdowns on mental health and well being.

Recession featured20140917 23488 s1suip

Understanding the impact of recession on labour market behaviour in Britain

Investigating the behaviour of individuals and households in response to economic recession

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The effect of school inputs and educational attainments

Studying the effect of school inputs on pupils’ educational attainments at the age of 16

Iser pregnantsmoker feat20140917 23488 1sxjk83

Maternal smoking and low birth weight: comparative evidence from the smoking bans in Italy and the UK

A ground-breaking project comparing the impact of smoking bans in Italy and the UK on the level of smoking in pregnant women and of maternal smoking on unborn children.

Retire20140917 23488 etmpw5

How we save for retirement

The second major study of the pension habits of 25,000 workers

Impact national minimum wage featured20140917 23488 l7ygym

Impact of the National Minimum Wage on earnings, employment and hours through the recession

Investigating the possible impact of the National Minimum Wage on job entry by the unemployed

Benefits secondary schooling featured20140917 23488 1agtgtg

Who benefits the most from post-secondary schooling?

A cross-national comparison of selection and the economic returns to post-secondary education

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Assessing the implications for the European labour markets of the four broad types of processes in the societies: socio-ecological transition, demographic changes, spatial dynamics and skills transition

Eu flags credit european union 2014   european parliament

EU Social Situation Monitor (formerly European Observatory on the Social Situation)

Providing evidence on the current EU socio-economic situation to inform policy decisions

Being in britain

Being in Britain

Part of a cross-national study of new immigrants in Europe

Breastfeeding featured20140917 23488 19c8n6c

The effects of breastfeeding on children, mothers and employers

A comprehensive study examining the effects of breastfeeding on children, mothers and employers

Life chances featured20140917 23488 zqvcjb

Analysis of Life Chances in Europe

Examining life chances and living standards across the EU

Social inclusion a cullen


Improving the comparability, scope and applicability of tools, methods and data for the measurement of income and the analysis of the effects of policies on inequality, poverty and social inclusion

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