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ISER's world-class team is involved with an innovative and important range of social and economic research projects. The findings from these projects are published in leading journals, as academic books, research reports and as part of our own highly regarded Working Paper Series.

Other publications

As well as keeping colleagues and contacts up to date with ISER News, we produce an Annual Report, Taking the Long View, and other occasional one-off publications related to our research and activities.

Taking the long view

Taking the Long View is an annual publication providing an overview of the research and other activity undertaken by ISER in the past year.

Taking the long view

In this issue

Download: Taking the Long view 2012-13


ISER Podcast Series


In ISER's Research Podcast Series, you can listen to researchers talk about their latest projects and findings.

In audio interviews lasting around 5 minutes they explain the background to their work, discuss the data they have used and share and analyse their results and conclusions.

In Praise of panel surveys

In Praise of Panel Surveys

The British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) has tracked the lives of 10,000 individuals in 5,000 households since 1991. It is now part of Understanding Society, the UK’s new longitudinal survey. This report explains some the achievements of the BHPS and some of its notable research findings about UK society. Download

Measuring poverty: Seven key issues

Measuring poverty: Seven key issues

The government is committed to the eradication of child poverty and to the reduction of pensioner poverty and undertook its own review of (child) poverty measures in 2003. But recent research raises questions about the definition, and measurement, of poverty. This briefing was produced in 2008 for a conference organised as part of the ESRC’s Festival of Social Science. Download