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Professor Stephen Pudney Visiting Professor, University of Essex

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01206 873789
Curriculum vitae

Research Interests

  • Microeconometrics
  • Poverty and the welfare benefit system
  • Health and disability
  • Survey measurement error
  • The economics of crime and illicit drugs
  • The measurement of wellbeing

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    1. Measuring the welfare costs of EU accession: the case of VAT reform in Bulgaria

      Stephen Pudney, Nikolay Markov, and Robert Ackrill

    2. Illicit drug use, unemployment and occupational attainment

      Ziggy MacDonald and Stephen Pudney

    3. The Relationship Between Crime, Punishment and Economic Conditions: is reliable inference possible when crimes are under-recorded?

      Stephen Pudney, Derek Deadman, and David Pyle

    4. Analysing Drug Abuse with British Crime Survey Data: modelling and questionnaire design issues

      Z MacDonald and Stephen Pudney


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    1. Cannabis legalisation could see use rise but potency fall

    2. Legalising cannabis could bring in £1.25bn

    3. How cannabis could cut deficit by £1.25bn

    4. Deficit 'could be cut by £1.25bn if cannabis was legalised and taxed'

    5. Legalising cannabis: the £1.25bn tax benefit;

    6. Legalising cannabis: £1.25bn tax benefit - without necessarily damaging public health

    7. Decriminalization of cannabis can reduce deficit by £1.25bn

    8. Making cannabis legal without spoiling public health could help ease deficit

    9. Cannabis tax 'worth £1.25bn'

    10. Weed tax 'bonanza'

    11. Weed tax 'bonanza'

    12. The Tudor pile that's home to a thinktank set on shaking up Britain's drug laws

    13. Taxing cannabis 'could cut deficit'

    14. Legal cannabis 'would save £ 1.25bn a year'

    15. The Tudor pile that's home to a thinktank set on shaking up Britain's drug laws

    Centres and surveys

    Micro-social change, surveys and data, tax and benefit microsimulation


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