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Dr Herwig Immervoll Head of Employment-Oriented Social Policies

Herwig Immervoll is Senior Economist and Head of Employment-Oriented Social Policies at the OECD. He has headed research projects and policy dialogue on redistribution and inequality trends, minimum-income safety nets and activation policies and has been the lead author of reports on social policy responses to the economic crisis. He has initiated or co-led World Bank policy analyses in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region on population ageing and pensions, employment support and tax/transfer policies. He has also led employment and social policy reviews of countries seeking to join the OECD as part of its Accession process.

His research interests include analysing trends in social and fiscal policies and their effects on poverty, income distribution and labour markets. He has worked extensively on microsimulation methods and their application to policy analysis and evaluation. Current ongoing work includes options for adapting social protection to a “future of work”, examining the consequences of a Basic Income, trends in income inequality and government redistribution, safety-net benefits and minimum-income protection, rights and responsibilities in social protection systems, gender inequalities, minimum wages, and the implications of the economic crisis for employment and social policies.