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Professor Mike Brewer Professor of Economics, University of Essex

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Research Interests

  • labour economics, and especially evaluating the impact of labour market or welfare interventions
  • inequality, poverty and measuring household living standards

  • microsimulation and labour supply modelling, especially of families with children

  • dynamics of family formation, and impacts of parental separation

Mike’s main research interests are in how welfare benefits, labour market programmes, childcare provision and the tax system affects decisions made by households. He is also interested in poverty and inequality, and ways of measuring household living standards. He has been a long-time proponent of a simpler and more integrated welfare system, and his work on an integrated benefit system has been acknowledged as having informed current government policy.

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    1. Household income volatility in the UK, 2009-2017

      Silvia Avram, Mike Brewer, Paul Fisher, et al.

      1. Households
      2. Economics
      3. Income Dynamics
    2. Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 9: results from methodological experiments

      Michaela Benzeval, Annamaria Bianchi, Mike Brewer, et al.


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    15. Living standards report shows bleak future of a divided Britain: study says rich will get richer and the poor poorer after pounds 10bn welfare cuts

    Centres and surveys

    Micro-social change, surveys and data, tax and benefit microsimulation


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