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Mr Joshua Fullard Phd Student, University of Essex

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01206 874026

Biography: Joshua completed his BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics in 2015, graduating with honours and an AQM award from the department of Government and SAGE Publications (1 of 2 awarded). Upon completion he was awarded an ESRC '1+3' enhanced studentship in Economics at the University of Essex where he recieved an MRes in Economics in 2016 and is currently in the second year of his PhD. Joshua is supervised by Adeline Delavande and Emilia Del Bono.

Research Agenda: His current research agenda is focused on the mechanisms determining higher education choice behaviour using elicited subjective expectations.

Research Interests: Labour Economics; Economics of Education; Microeconometrics; Applied Microeconomics; Education Inequalities; Randomised Control Trials




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