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Dr Greta Morando Research Fellow, University of Essex

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Greta received a PhD in Economics from ISER, University of Essex, in 2017. Since August 2017, she has been a Senior Research Associate at the University College London (Institute of Education) and she keeps an affiliation with ISER as Research Fellow. 

Her research interests lie in labour economics. More specifically, her current research agenda focuses on understanding:

  • the determinants and effects of human capital investment;
  • the effects of immigration on natives' educational and labour market outcomes.

Latest Blog Posts


    1. Essays on the economics of education and labour -PhD thesis-

      Greta Morando

      1. Social Inclusion
      2. Education
      3. Labour Market
      4. Economics
      5. Ethnic Groups
    2. The best and the brightest: EU students at UK universities and as highly skilled graduate workers in the UK

      Renee Reichl Luthra and Greta Morando

      1. Politics
      2. Migration
      3. Labour Market
      4. Higher Education
      5. International Economic Relations
    3. Partner ethnicity and ethnic minority socio- economic occupation: evidence from the UK

      Greta Morando

      1. Labour Market
      2. Ethnic Groups


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