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Dr. Gina Anghelescu Senior Research Officer (Statistical Support Officer, Understanding Society), University of Essex

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I am part of the Methods Research Group, specifically the team responsible for calculating weighting factors for use by users of the data provided by various survey research projects, such as the main Understanding Society (UKHLS) survey, the Innovation Panel (in 2017), and the European Social Survey (in 2018). This implies accounting for sample design (unequal selection probability) or nonresponse, in addition to deriving post-survey adjustments that align the survey sample with the general population (post-stratification).

I did my PhD in Quantitative Politics at Southampton University. My postgraduate research was fully-funded by the ESRC, the Advanced Quantitative Methods Pathway, and consisted of a series of cross-country longitudinal analyses regarding Europeans’ commitment to protecting the environment. My research interests lie at the intersection between various social sciences, from sociology, social psychology, and social statistics to comparative environmental politics, political economy and law, with a particular focus on topics related to political methodology, environmental governance, inequalities, democracy and democratization.

Prior to moving to the UK, I was a Researcher at the Romanian Youth Research Centre, conducting and coordinating primary country-scale research on various topics related to young people’s lives, both qualitative and quantitative.

Centres and surveys

Micro-social change, surveys and data, tax and benefit microsimulation


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