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Ms Cathie Hammond PhD student, University of Essex

01206 874802
Curriculum vitae

Cathie Hammond is an ESRC-funded PhD student. Her interests currently include health inequalities, social and psychological determinants of health, and stress as a mechanism through which exposures affect health, generally, but also with specific reference to immune dysregulation and immune-mediated conditions such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

She has previously conducted research about adult learning and its contribution to health and well being, motviations for and social benefits of adult learning, family learning, the use of multiple methods, the instituional responsee to poorly understood health conditions, and outcomes of living in social housing.


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  1. Relationships between psychological factors and immune dysregulation in context: a life-course approach -PhD thesis-

    Cathie Hammond

    1. Psychology
    2. Well Being
    3. Health
    4. Life Course Analysis
    5. Biology
  2. The motivations and outcomes of studying for part-time mature students in higher education

    Jon Swain and Cathie Hammond

  3. London's secondary schools: diverse provision, social sorting?

    Ruth Lupton and Cathie Hammond

  4. The public value of social housing: a longitudinal analysis of the relationship between housing and life chances

    Leon Feinstein, Ruth Lupton, Cathie Hammond, et al.

    1. Area Effects
    2. Social Policy
    3. Housing Market
  5. Mixing methods to measure learning benefits

    Tom Schuller, John Preston, and Cathie Hammond

  6. Are those who flourished at school healthier adults? What role for adult education?

    Cathie Hammond and Leon Feinstein

    1. Education
    2. Health
  7. The wider benefits of adult learning: an illustration of the advantages of multi-method research

    Cathie Hammond

  8. The effects of adult learning on self-efficacy

    Cathie Hammond and Leon Feinstein

  9. The benefits of learning: the impact of education on health, family life and social capital

    Tom Schuller, John Preston, Cathie Hammond, et al.

  10. Mental health and well-being throughout the lifecourse

    Cathie Hammond

  11. The impacts of learning on well being, mental health and effective coping

    Cathie Hammond

  12. The benefits of adult learning: quantitative insights

    John Bynner and Cathie Hammond

  13. Reappraising benefits

    Tom Schuller, Cathie Hammond, and John Preston

  14. Impacts of lifelong learning upon emotional resilience, psychological and mental health: fieldwork evidence

    Cathie Hammond

  15. The contribution of adult learning to health and social capital

    Leon Feinstein and Cathie Hammond

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