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Adeline Delavande Professor of Economics, University of Essex

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Adeline Delavande is a Professor of Economics at University of Essex. Her primary research focuses on understanding how individuals make decisions under uncertainty using elicited subjective expectations, in particular on how best to elicit subjective expectations from survey respondents in both developed and developing countries, and on how to use elicited expectations to make inference on behaviour, with applications related to education, health, family economics, development economics and aging.


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  1. Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 9: results from methodological experiments

    Michaela Benzeval, Annamaria Bianchi, Mike Brewer, et al.

  2. Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 5: results from methodological experiments

    Katrin Auspurg, Jonathan Burton, Carl Cullinane, et al.


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  1. Adeline Delavande to give IFS seminar

  2. Study: Dementia tops cancer, heart disease in cost

  3. Dementia costs in the US will double within 30 years

  4. Dementia study predicts a surge in cost and cases

  5. Cost of dementia tops $157 billion annually in the United States

  6. Dementia care cost is projected to double by 2040

  7. Dementia costs top those for heart disease or cancer, study finds

  8. Cost of dementia tops $157 billion annually in the United States

  9. Cost of dementia tops $157 billion annually in the United States

  10. Voters overrate favorite candidates

  11. People overrate their favourite political candidates

  12. Voters overrate favorite candidates

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