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Dr Amanda Hughes Senior Research Officer, University of Essex

01206 873788

As part of the Understanding Society Biomarkers team, I am using biomarker data to investigate links between the social environment and health.

Research interests:

Social and lifecourse epidemiology

Interactions of mental and physical health

Unemployment and health

Longitudinal analysis


Hughes, A and Kumari, M. Age modification of the relationship between C-reactive protein and fatigue: findings from Understanding Society (UKHLS). Psychological Medicine (2017).

Associations of C-reactive protein and psychological distress are modified by antidepressants, supporting an inflammatory depression subtype: Findings from UKHLS. Brain, Behavior and Immunity (2017).

Hughes, A., McMunn, A., Bartley, M., and Kumari, M. Unemployment and inflammatory markers in England, Wales and Scotland, 1998–2012: Meta-analysis of results from 12 studies. Brain, Behavior and Immunity (2017).

Hughes, A and Kumari, M. Unemployment, underweight, and obesity: Findings from Understanding Society (UKHLS). Prev Med. 2017 Apr;97:19-25. doi: 10.1016/j.ypmed.2016.12.045. Epub 2016 Dec 27.

Hughes, A., McMunn, A., Bartley, M., and Kumari, M., Elevated Inflammatory Biomarkers during Unemployment: Moderating Effects of Age and Country in the United Kingdom, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. 2015; 69:673-679

Hofstetter J., Hofstetter A., Hughes A. and Mayeda A., Intermittent long wavelength red light increases the period of daily locomotor activity in mice, Journal of Circadian Rhythms. 2005; 3:8






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  1. Epigenetic profiles, ageing and social position

    Amanda Hughes

    1. Older People
    2. Science And Technology
    3. Health
    4. Life Course Analysis
    5. Social Stratification
    6. Biology
    7. Genetics


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  5. Levels of inflammatory marker (CRP) linked to housing type and tenure

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  7. Study dispels myth of links between poverty and weight: unemployed more likely than those in work to be very thin, says report

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