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JESS Seminar: Childcare availability and mother’s labour supply in Russia Jess seminar

Over the past 15 years, Russia has experienced an increase in childcare enrolment from 55% to 66.2%, reflecting an increase in childcare availability that was rolled out unequally across Russian regions - the enrolment rate has increased from less than 1% in some regions to almost 35% in other regions. I use this variation across regions over time to evaluate the effect of extending childcare availability on mothers’ labour outcomes. I find that an increase in childcare availability has a positive and significant effect on maternal employment both at the intensive margin and at the extensive margin. A set of robustness checks confirm the validity of the identification strategy and the results.

Presented by

Yuliya M Kazakova, ISER

Date & time

17 Jan 2018, 13:00


2N2.4.16 - ISER large seminar room

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