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JESS Seminar: Intergenerational mobility of status with multiple dimensions: effect on measurement error with an international comparison Jess seminar

We propose a new method to estimate intergenerational mobility that takes into account the multi-dimensionality of the concept of status. The premise concerns exactly the status concept, that is assumed to be multi-dimensional and unobserved, this induces us to analyse it through latent variable and factor analysis models. The dimensions selected for the status measurement represent three facets of the status of an individual: the resources detained, the occupation performed and the level of education. The results show that, contrary to preceding literature, the adoption of a multi-dimensional approach to the mobility phenomenon severely reduces the estimates of mobility with respect to the unidimensional income approach, this holds true according to various measurements. The empirical application is based on BHPS-UKHLS, GSOEP and PSID data.

Presented by

Michele Bavaro (MISOC visiting fellow)

Date & time

29 Nov 2017, 13:00


2N2.4.16 - ISER Large Seminar Room

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