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ISER Internal Seminar: Foreign Direct Investment and Knowledge Diffusion in Poor Locations: Evidence from Ethiopia Internal seminar

Sandwiches from 12:15, Seminar at 12:30

We quantify foreign direct investment (FDI) spillovers by comparing changes in total factor productivity (TFP) among domestic plants in districts that attracted a large greenfield foreign plant and districts where greenfield FDI was licensed but not yet operational. Over the four years starting with the year of the opening, TFP of domestic plants is 8 percent higher in treated districts. Using an alternative strategy exploiting the assignment of land for FDI by the Ethiopian Government, we obtain similar results. Exposure to FDI enhances domestic firms’: (i) production processes; (ii) managerial and organizational practices; (iii) logistics and; (iv) knowledge about exporting.

Presented by

Michel Serafinelli (Department of Economics)

Date & time

01 May 2019, 12:30


2N2.4.16 - ISER Large Seminar Room

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