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BHPS publications

We maintain a database of publications which use BHPS data (journal articles, book chapters, books, conference papers/proceedings, official publications, working papers, dissertations) and it is important that we keep it up to date.

If you have any recent publications which use the BHPS, and which are not already included in the database, please contact the

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  1. 'White flight' or positive contact?: Local diversity and attitudes to immigration in Britain

    Eric Kaufmann and Gareth Harris

    1. Politics
    2. Area Effects
    3. Elections. Electoral Behaviour
    4. Migration
    5. Ethnic Groups
    6. Social Attitudes
    7. Race Relations
  2. Internal migration, area effects and health: does where you move to impact upon your health?

    Mark A. Green, S.V. Subramanian, Daniel Vickers, et al.

    1. Area Effects
    2. Migration
    3. Health
  3. How do migrants save? Evidence from the British Household Panel Survey on temporary and permanent migrants versus natives

    Giuseppe De Arcangelis and Majlinda Joxhe

    1. Migration
    2. Savings And Assets
  4. Residential mobility and the association between physical environment disadvantage and general and mental health

    H. Tunstall, J. R. Pearce, N. K. Shortt, et al.

    1. Environmental Sociology
    2. Area Effects
    3. Migration
    4. Poverty
    5. Well Being
    6. Health
  5. Self-employment as a route in and out of Britain's South East

    Darja Reuschke

    1. Migration
    2. Organizations And Firms
  6. What motivates residential mobility? Re-examining self-reported reasons for desiring and making residential moves

    Rory Coulter and Jacqueline Scott

    1. Migration
    2. Life Course Analysis
    3. Housing Market
  7. Difficult life events, selective migration and spatial inequalities in mental health in the UK

    Helena Tunstall, Niamh K. Shortt, Jamie R. Pearce, et al.

    1. Area Effects
    2. Migration
    3. Well Being
    4. Health
    5. Life Course Analysis
    6. Housing Market

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