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BHPS publications

We maintain a database of publications which use BHPS data (journal articles, book chapters, books, conference papers/proceedings, official publications, working papers, dissertations) and it is important that we keep it up to date.

If you have any recent publications which use the BHPS, and which are not already included in the database, please contact the

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  1. The return to work and how it is taxed: a dynamic perspective

    Mike Brewer, Mike Brewer, Monica Costa Dias, et al.

    1. Human Capital
    2. Human Capital
    3. Labour Market
    4. Labour Market
    5. Taxation
    6. Taxation
  2. Transfer taxes and household mobility: distortion on the housing or labor market?

    Christian A.L. Hilber and Teemu Lyytikäinen

    1. Migration
    2. Labour Market
    3. Economics
    4. Savings And Assets
    5. Taxation
    6. Housing Market
  3. Redistribution from a lifetime perspective

    Peter Levell, Barra Roantree, and Jonathan Shaw

    1. Welfare Benefits
    2. Taxation
    3. Life Course Analysis
    4. Economic Policy
  4. Household debt and the dynamic effects of income tax changes

    James Cloyne and Paolo Surico

    1. Households
    2. Debt: Indebtedness
    3. Taxation
  5. A dynamic perspective on how the UK personal tax and benefit system affects work incentives and redistributes income

    Mike Brewer, Monica Costa Dias, and Jonathan Shaw

    1. Labour Market
    2. Welfare Benefits
    3. Income Dynamics
    4. Taxation
    5. Life Course Analysis
  6. A structural dynamic micro-simulation model for policy analysis: application to pension reform, income tax changes and rising life expectancy

    Justin van de Ven and Martin Weale

    1. Pensions
    2. Savings And Assets
    3. Microsimulation
    4. Taxation
  7. The effects of in-work benefit reform in Britain on couples: theory and evidence

    Marco Francesconi, Helmut Rainer, and Wilbert van der Klaauw

    1. Labour Market
    2. Income Dynamics
    3. Household Economics
    4. Taxation
  8. Income taxes and the composition of pay

    Giorgio Brunello, Simona Comi, and Daniela Sonedda

    1. Wages And Earnings
    2. Taxation
  9. The 'fat tax': economic incentives to reduce obesity

    Andrew Leicester and Frank Windmeijer

    1. Health
    2. Taxation
    3. Social Policy
  10. Effectiveness of tax incentives to boost (retirement) saving: theoretical motivation and empirical evidence

    Orazio Attanasio, James Banks, and Matthew Wakefield

    1. Savings And Assets
    2. Taxation
  11. The Child and Working Tax Credits

    1. Poverty
    2. Taxation
  12. Imputing council tax for households in the British Household Panel Study

    Gerry Redmond

    1. Households
    2. Taxation
  13. Human capital, household production and prices in models of family labour supply

    Patricia Apps, Mark R. Killingsworth, and R. Rees

    1. Labour Market
    2. Households
    3. Welfare Benefits
    4. Taxation
  14. Tax systems and married women's labour force participation: a seven country comparison

    Hedvig Vermeulen, Shirley Dex, Tim Callan, et al.

    1. Labour Market
    2. Welfare Benefits
    3. Taxation

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