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BHPS publications

We maintain a database of publications which use BHPS data (journal articles, book chapters, books, conference papers/proceedings, official publications, working papers, dissertations) and it is important that we keep it up to date.

If you have any recent publications which use the BHPS, and which are not already included in the database, please contact the

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  1. A generative model for age and income distribution

    Fatih Ozhamaratli, Oleg Kitov, and Paolo Barucca

    1. Statistical Mathematics
    2. Pensions
    3. Computing
    4. Economics
    5. Income Dynamics
    6. Wages And Earnings
    7. Life Course Analysis
  2. The informativeness of estimation moments

    Bo Honoré, Thomas Jørgensen, and Áureo de Paula

    1. Pensions
    2. Econometrics
  3. Later retirement, job strain, and health: evidence from the new State Pension age in the United Kingdom

    Ludovico Carrino, Karen Glaser, and Mauricio Avendano

    1. Older People
    2. Pensions
    3. Psychology
    4. Labour Market
    5. Economics
    6. Public Policy
    7. Well Being
    8. Health
    9. Life Course Analysis
  4. Do unions cause job dissatisfaction? Evidence from a quasi-experiment in the United Kingdom

    Ioulia Bessa, Andy Charlwood, and Danat Valizade

    1. Pensions
    2. Psychology
    3. Sociology Of Labour
    4. Labour Market
    5. Labour Economics
    6. Income Dynamics
    7. Wages And Earnings
    8. Well Being
  5. Pension plans and retirement insecurity

    Wei-Ting Yen

    1. Pensions
    2. Economics
  6. Workplace pensions and remuneration in the public and private sectors in the UK

    Jonathan Cribb and Carl Emmerson

    1. Pensions
    2. Labour Market
    3. Wages And Earnings
  7. Work now, pay later? An empirical analysis of the pension-pay trade off

    Jonathan B. Haynes and John G. Sessions

    1. Pensions
    2. Wages And Earnings
  8. Total Reward and pensions in the UK in the public and private sectors

    Alexander M. Danzer and Peter J. Dolton

    1. Pensions
    2. Wages And Earnings
    3. Higher Education
  9. The relationship between women's work histories and incomes in later life in the UK, US and West Germany

    Tom Sefton, Maria Evandrou, Jane Falkingham, et al.

    1. Older People
    2. Pensions
    3. Income Dynamics
  10. Defined benefit or defined contribution? A study of pension choices

    Joao F. Cocco and Paula Lopes

    1. Pensions
    2. Income Dynamics
  11. Sick of work or too sick to work? Evidence on self-reported health shocks and early retirement from the BHPS

    Andrew M. Jones, Nigel Rice, and Jennifer Roberts

    1. Older People
    2. Pensions
    3. Health
  12. The estimation of pensioner equivalence scales using subjective data

    Mark B. Stewart

    1. Older People
    2. Pensions
    3. Economics
    4. Income Dynamics
    5. Finance
  13. Examining the interaction between saving and contributions to personal pension plans: evidence from the BHPS

    Mariacristina Rossi

    1. Pensions
    2. Savings And Assets
  14. What is a public sector pension worth?

    Richard Disney, Carl Emmerson, and Gemma Tetlow

    1. Pensions
    2. Wages And Earnings
  15. Ageing, income and living standards: evidence from the British Household Panel Survey

    Richard Berthoud, Morten Blekesaune, and Ruth Hancock

    1. Older People
    2. Pensions
    3. Income Dynamics
  16. Stratifying welfare states: class differences in pension coverage in Britain, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland

    Daniel Oesch

    1. Pensions
    2. Welfare Benefits
    3. Social Stratification
  17. Early retirement in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom: a longitudinal analysis of individual factors and institutional regimes

    Trudie Schils

    1. Older People
    2. Pensions
    3. Labour Market
  18. Inter vivos transfers and bequests in three OECD countries

    Ernesto Villanueva

    1. Pensions
    2. Economics
    3. Savings And Assets
  19. Tax treatment of private pension savings in OECD countries

    Kwang-Yeol Yoo and Alain de Serres

    1. Pensions
    2. Savings And Assets
    3. Taxation

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