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BHPS publications

We maintain a database of publications which use BHPS data (journal articles, book chapters, books, conference papers/proceedings, official publications, working papers, dissertations) and it is important that we keep it up to date.

If you have any recent publications which use the BHPS, and which are not already included in the database, please contact the

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  1. Optimising the use of measures of social stratification in research with intersectional and longitudinal analytical priorities

    Paul Lambert and Camilla Barnett

    1. Social Sciences
    2. Research
    3. Life Course Analysis
    4. Social Stratification
  2. Social mobility - are ethnic minorities being left behind?

    Yaojun Li and Yaojun Li

    1. Migration
    2. Migration
    3. Education
    4. Education
    5. Labour Market
    6. Labour Market
    7. Ethnic Groups
    8. Ethnic Groups
    9. Social Stratification
    10. Social Stratification
    11. Social Mobility
    12. Social Mobility
  3. Economic crisis, work-life balance and class

    Tracey Warren

    1. Labour Market
    2. Economics
    3. Well Being
    4. Social Stratification
  4. Family, class and gender 'strategies' in mothers' employment and childcare

    Rosemary Crompton and Clare Lyonette

    1. Labour Market
    2. Childbearing: Fertility
    3. Social Stratification
  5. Within-household inequalities across classes? Management and control of money

    Fran Bennett, Jerome De Henau, and Sirin Sung

    1. Household Economics
    2. Social Stratification
  6. Class

    Fiona Devine

    1. Politics
    2. Social Stratification
  7. The economic basis of social class

    John H. Goldthorpe and Abigail McKnight

    1. Labour Market
    2. Wages And Earnings
    3. Social Stratification
  8. Home ownership and social inequality in Britain

    John Ermisch and Brendan Halpin

    1. Income Dynamics
    2. Social Stratification
    3. Housing Market

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