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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type iindall

ihid Household identification number
ipno Person number
pid Cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
iiviow8 Interview outcome Wave 8
iivstat1 Interview status: previous waves
ihhmem Household membership
inewhy New entrants - why living in HH
inemnjn New entrants - month joined HH
ineyrjn4 New entrants - year joined HH
iivfio Individual interview outcome
iivfho Final household interview outcome
iiodc Individual document check
imemorig Sample Origin
ihgr2r Relationship to reference person
ihgsex Sex - HH grid
ihgbm Month of birth - HH grid
ihgby Year of birth - HH grid
imastat Marital status
ihgspn PNO of spouse/partner
ihgemp Employment status - HH Grid
ihgfno PNO of father
ihgmno PNO of mother
ihgra Responsible adult
iage Age at Date of Interview
iage12 Age at 1.12.99
ibutype Benefit Unit Type
ibuno Benefit Unit Number
inchild Number of own children in household
idepchl Whether dependent child: DSS definition
ihoh Conventional Head of Household Indicator
irach16 Whether responsible adult for child
iagei Imputation flag - IAGE and IAGE12
ilrwght Longitudinal respondent weight
ilewght Longitudinal enumerated individual weight
ixrwght X-sectional respondent weight
ixewght X-sectional enumerated individual weight
imovest Individual mover status
isampst Sample membership status
ixrwghte ECHP X-sectional respondent weight
ixewghte ECHP X-sectional enumerated weight
ixrwtsw1 X-sect'l resp. weight inc Scot-Welsh
ixewtsw1 X-sect'l enum. weight inc. Scot-Welsh
ixrwtsw2 X-sect'l resp. weight only Scot-Welsh
ixewtsw2 X-sect'l enum. weight only Scot-Welsh
isppid Cross-wave person identifier of spouse
ifpid Cross-wave person identifier of father
impid Cross-wave person identifier of mother
irapid X-wave person identifier of resp. adult
idistmov Distance of residential move
ibuid BU identifier
iecstat1 Econ.Status BU (HBAI defn), i
iecstat2 Econ.Status BU (HBAI defn), ii
ifamtype1 BU type (HBAI defn)
ifamtype2 Family type - new HBAI definition
ibutype_mod benefit unit type