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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type hyouth

hpno person number
hypdobm date of birth: month
hypdoby4 date of birth: year
hypsex gender of youth
hytvhrs hours spent watching tv on a school day?
hytvstp parents stop you watching a programme ?
hypfpc frequency of home computer use
hypfpcgm frequency of playing computer games
hyppals times had friends round to your house ?
hyputel do you tell parents where going ?
hyplate past month: times out after 9.00 pm ?
hypfpark frequency of meeting friends outdoors
hypfbeau frequency of dating girl/boyfriend
hypfclub frequency of attending youthclubs etc
hypfdisc frequency of attending discos
hypfspor frequency of playing sports
hypfarca frequency of going to amusement arcade
hypargm how often quarrel with your mother ?
hypargf how often quarrel with your father ?
hyptlkm talk to mum: things that matter ?
hyptlkf talk to dad: things that matter ?
hypnpal how many close friends do you have ?
hypgang member of a gang
hypmkfrn ease of making new friends
hypfght how often past month:fight with someone?
hypeatn past week times evening meal with family
hypsave use of personal money
hyppkml pounds: money last week for yourself ?
hyppkmp pennies: money last week for yourself ?
hypbeau have steady boy/girl friend ?
hypdklm past month: how many alcoholic drinks ?
hypsmev have you ever tried a cigarette ?
hypsmag how old when smoked a whole cigarette ?
hypsmof how often do you smoke ?
hypsmlw how many cigarettes in last 7 days ?
hypsmyr will you start/continue smoke next year?
hypdgfr do your friends ever use illegal drugs?
hypsad how many days have you felt unhappy ?
hypwor past week nights lost sleep worrying ?
hypbull how much worry about bullying at school?
hyplone how often feel lonely ?
hypbored frequency of feeling bored
hypesta i feel i have a number good qualities
hypestb i certainly feel useless at times
hypestc i am a likeable person
hypeste i am inclined to feel i am a failure
hypestf at times i feel i am no good at all
hypesth feel left out when with friends
hyptcha i like most of my teachers
hyptchb teachers are always getting at me
hyptchc don't care what teachers think of me
hypestg on the whole, my health is very good
hyphsw feel about your school work ?
hyphap feel about your appearance ?
hyphfm feel about your family ?
hyphfr feel about your friends ?
hyphlf feel about your life as a whole ?
hypcoma word closest to: beast
hypcomb word closest to: edible
hypcomc word closest to: animosity
hypcomd word closest to: accustom
hypcome word closest to: space
hypcomf word closest to: broaden
hypcomg word closest to: reconcile
hypopla can get what you want through effort
hypopha health is a matter of luck
hypoppl police helpful to young people
hypopscb one law for rich; one for poor
hypvte6 level of interest in politics
hypvte3 party which would vote for ?
hypcrwra worry re being victim of crime
hypcrwrb safeness of walking alone at night
hypexpl suspended/expelled from school
hypvand vandalised property in past year
hyptrun played truant from school
hypopsc how much means to do well at school ?
hyppasc parents check how well doing at school ?
hyplvsc leave school when you are 16 ?
hyplvhm age you think when you leave home ?
hypamar at what age want to get married ?
hypapar what age would like to start a family ?
hypwhrs last week, hours spent working for pay ?
hyppay last week: money earned working ?
hypsoc office code: job like when left school ?
hypsocy why like this type of job?
hypdlfa change to improve life: 1st mention
hypdlfb change to improve life: 2nd mention
hypwght young person weight
hhid household identification number
pid cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
hfnspno person number of father (nat/step)
hfnspid x-wave pid of father (nat/step)
hmnspno person number of mother (nat/step)
hmnspid cross-wave pid of mother (nat/step)
hypsoc_cc office code: job like when left school ? - condensed classification