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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type hjobhist

hhid household identification number
hpno person number
hjhstat labour force status code
hjhbgd day labour force spell began
hjhbgm month labour force spell began
hjhbgy4 year labour force spell began
hjspno spell number of labour force status
hjhsoc occupation (soc): previous job
hjhsemp employee or self-employed: previous job
hjhboss had employees: previous job
hjhsect employing organisation: previous job
hjhmngr managerial duties: previous job
hjhpldf change of workplace: previous job
hjhsic industry (sic): previous job
hjhsize no. employed at workplace: previous job
hjhpayl pay at 1.9.97: previous job
hjhpylw pay period (weeks) 1.9.97: previous job
hjhpylg pay gross or net at 1.9.97: previous job
hjhstpy reason for stopping previous job
hjblky attraction of present job
hjhendd day labour force spell ended
hjhendm month labour force spell ended
hjhendy4 year labour force spell ended
hjha9ly whether job started after 1.9.97
hjhseg socio economic group: previous job
hjhgold goldthorpe social class: previous job
hjhrgsc rg social class: previous job
hjhisco international soc : previous job
hjhcssm cambridge scale males : previous job
hjhcssf cambridge scale females : previous job
hjhhgs hope - goldthorpe scale : previous job
hjhsec socio-economic class: previous job
hjhspw weeks in year to 1.9.98: prev job spell
hjhgpay monthly gross pay: previous job
hjhnpay monthly net pay: previous job
hjhgpayi imputation flag - hjhgpay (derived)
hjhnpayi imputation flag - hjhnpay (derived)
pid cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
hjhiscon international soc (num): previous job
hjhsoc_cc occupation (soc): previous job - condensed classification
hjhiscon_cc international soc (num): previous job - condensed classification
hjhisco_cc international soc : previous job - condensed classification