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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type hhhsamp

hhid Household identification number
hfid Fieldwork household identifier
hivnadd Household found at new address in field
hivia Interviewer area
hivid Interviewer number
hivlnc Total calls at last known address
hivtnc Number of calls at new address
hiviam Area intrvw took place non-local movers
hivfho Final household interview outcome
hivosmrh No. OSMs - whole HH refusal to intervwr
hivnsmrh No. new HH membs - whl HH ref to intvwr
hivrrefh Reason for household refusal
hivisst Coversheet issue status
hivconv Refusal conversion attempted
hivreis Re-issued to field
hhhdc Document check - h/hold quest're comp?
hhhorig Sample Origin: original BHPS or ECHP
hxhwght Household Weight
hregion Region / Metropolitan area
hhhmove Mover household indicator
ahid Household identification number - Wave 1
hxhwghte ECHP Household weight
hstrata Stratification class
hpsu Primary Sampling Unit
hregion2 Government Office Region