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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type gindresp

ghid Household identification number
gpno Person number
gdoid Date of interview: day
gdoim Date of interview: month
gdoiy4 Date of interview: year
givsoih Hour interview began
givsoim Minute interview began
givlyr IC: Interviewed last year
givievr Ever interviewed
glknbrd Likes present neighbourhood
glkmove Prefers to move house
glkmovy Prefers to move: main reason
gplnew Resident at present address last year
gplnowm Month moved to present address
gplnowy4 Year moved to present address
gmovjb Moved for employment reasons
gmovjba Moved - employer relocated workplace
gmovjbb Moved - new job, same employer
gmovjbc Moved - new job, new employer
gmovjbd Moved - closer to same job
gmovjbe Moved - start own business
gmovjbf Moved - relocate own business
gmovjbg Moved - salary increase - new home
gmovjbh Moved - to seek work
gmovjbi Moved - other employment reason
gmovy1 Moved - 1st non employment reason
gmovy2 Moved - 2nd non employment reason
gdobm Month of birth
gdoby Year of birth
gsex Sex
gcitzn1 Citizenship: 1st mention
gcitzn2 Citizenship: 2nd mention
gjbstat Current economic activity
gedlyr Attended any educ inst. f/t since 1.9.96
gedendm Month left education institution
gedendy Year left education institution
gedtype Type of education attended/attending
gqfx Has listed qualifications since 1.9.96
gqfxa New qualif's: youth training cert
gqfxb New qualif's: trade apprenticeship
gqfxc New qualif's: clerical or commercial
gqfxd New qualif's: City and Guilds Pt I
gqfxe New qualif's: City and Guilds Pt II
gqfxf New qualif's: City and Guilds Pt III
gqfxg New qualif's: ONC OND BEC Gen cert
gqfxh New qualif's: HNC HND BEC Higher cert
gqfxi New qualif's: nursing SEN SRN SCM
gqfxj New qualif's: teaching
gqfxk New qualif's: university diploma
gqfxl New qualif's: Univ/CNAA first degree
gqfxm New qualif's: Univ/CNAA higher degree
gqfxn New post school qualifications: other
gqfedx Has listed school qualif
gqfedxa New qualifications: any GCSEs grade D-G
gnqfexa New qualifications: No. GCSEs grade D-G
gqfedxb New qualifications: any GCSEs grade A-C
gnqfexb New qualifications: No. GCSEs grade A-C
gqfedxc New qualifications: any A levels
gnqfexc New qualifications: No. A levels
gqfedxd New qualifications: CPVE
gqfedxe New qualif's: any SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
gnqfexe New qualif's: No. SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
gqfedxf New qualif's: any O grades A-C or 1-3
gnqfexf New qualif's: No. O grades A-C or 1-3
gqfedxg New qualif's: any Standard grades 4-7
gnqfexg New qualif's: No. Standard grades 4-7
gqfedxh New qualif's: any Standard grades 1-3
gnqfexh New qualif's: No. Standard grades 1-3
gqfedxi New qualif's: any Higher grades
gnqfexi New qualifications: No. Higher grades
gqfedxj New qualif's: any 6th year certs
gnqfexj New qualifications: No. 6th year certs
gqfedxk New qualifications: any others
gnqfexk New qualifications: No. of others
gmlstat Present legal marital status
gmlchng Marital status changed since 1.9.96
gmlchm Marital status changed, month
gmlchy4 Marital status change, year
gplbornd District of birth
gplbornc Country of birth
gyr2uk4 Year came to Britain
grace Ethnic group membership
gschool Never went to /still at school
gscend School leaving age
gsctype Type of school attended
gscnow Still at school
gfetype Type of further education attended
gfenow Still in further education
gfeend Further education leaving age
gqfhas Has listed post school qualification
gqfa Qualifications: youth training cert
gqfb Qualifications: trade apprenticeship
gqfc Qualifications: clerical or commercial
gqfd Qualifications: City and Guilds Pt I
gqfe Qualifications: City and Guilds Pt II
gqff Qualifications: City and Guilds Pt III
gqfg Qualifications: ONC OND BEC Gen cert
gqfh Qualifications: HNC HND BEC Higher cert
gqfi Qualifications: nursing SEN SRN SCM
gqfj Qualifications: teaching
gqfk Qualifications: university diploma
gqfl Qualifications: Univ/CNAA first degree
gqfm Qualifications: Univ/CNAA higher degree
gqfn Post school qualifications: other
gqfed Has listed school qualification
gqfeda Qualifications: any school cert/ matric
gnqfeda Qualifications: No. school cert/ matric
gqfedb Qualifications: any CSEs grade 2-5
gnqfedb Qualifications: No. CSEs grade 2-5
gqfedc Qualifications: any CSEs grade 1
gnqfedc Qualifications: No. CSEs grade 1
gqfedd Qualifications: any GCSEs grade D-G
gnqfedd Qualifications: No. GCSEs grade D-G
gqfede Qualifications: any GCSEs grade A-C
gnqfede Qualifications: No. GCSEs grade A-C
gqfedf Qualifications: any O levels pre-1975
gnqfedf Qualifications: No. O levels pre-1975
gqfedg Qualifications: any OLs A-C post-1975
gnqfedg Qualifications: No. OLs A-C post-1975
gqfedh Qualifications: any OLs D-E post-1975
gnqfedh Qualifications: No. OLs D-E post-1975
gqfedi Qualifications: any Higher school certs
gnqfedi Qualifications: No. Higher school certs
gqfedj Qualifications: any A levels
gnqfedj Qualifications: No. A level passes
gqfedk Qualifications:any SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
gnqfedk Qualifications:No. SCEs grade D-E or 4-5
gqfedl Qualifications: any O grades A-C or 1-3
gnqfedl Qualifications: No. O grades A-C or 1-3
gqfedm Qualifications: any standard grades 4-7
gnqfedm Qualifications: No. standard grades 4-7
gqfedn Qualifications: any standard grades 1-3
gnqfedn Qualifications: No. standard grades 1-3
gqfedo Qualifications: any higher grades
gnqfedo Qualifications: No. higher grade passes
gqfedp Qualifications: any 6th year certs
gnqfedp Qualifications: No. 6th year certs
gqfedq Qualifications: any SLCs lower grade
gnqfedq Qualifications: No. SLC lower grades
gqfedr Qualifications: any SLCs higher grade
gnqfedr Qualifications: No. SLCs higher grade
gqfeds Qualifications: any others
gnqfeds Qualifications: No. of others
gcrwora Worry about being affected by crime
gcrworb Extent of concern about crime
gcrdark Feel safe walking alone at night
gcrgraf Extent of: Graffiti on walls
gcrteen Extent of: Teenagers hanging about
gcrdrnk Extent of: Drunks/tramps on street
gcrvand Extent of: Vandalism
gcrrace Extent of: Racial insults/attacks
gcrburg Extent of: Homes broken into
gcrcar Extent of: cars stolen/broken into
gcrmugg Extent of: People attacked on street
gpaperr Read a daily newspaper
gpaperm Paper read most frequently
gpaperp Party supported by preferred paper
gpcuse Ever use a computer at home
gpcusea Computer use: Paid work
gpcuseb Computer use: Voluntary work
gpcusec Computer use: Educational work
gpcused Computer use: Playing games
gpcusee Computer use: Word processing
gpcusef Computer use: Financial accounts
gpcuseg Computer use: Connect to internet
gpcuseh Computer use: Hobbies
gpcusei Computer use: Other
gpcusem Computer use: Most important reason
gpcoftn Computer use: How often
ghlstat Health over last 12 months
ghldsbl Registered disabled
ghlprb Health problems: none
ghlprba Health problems: Arms, legs, hands, etc
ghlprbb Health problems: Sight
ghlprbc Health problems: Hearing
ghlprbd Health problems: Skin conditions/allergy
ghlprbe Health problems: Chest/breathing
ghlprbf Health problems: Heart/blood pressure
ghlprbg Health problems: Stomach or digestion
ghlprbh Health problems: Diabetes
ghlprbi Health problems: Anxiety, depression, etc
ghlprbj Health problems: Alcohol or drugs
ghlprbk Health problems: Epilepsy
ghlprbl Health problems: Migraine
ghlprbm Health problems: Other
ghllt Health limits daily activities
ghllta Health hinders doing the housework
ghlltb Health hinders climbing the stairs
ghlltc Health hinders getting dressed
ghlltd Health hinders walking more than 10 mins
ghllte Health no hindrance to listed activities
ghlltw Health limits type or amount of work
ghlendw Health prohibits some types of work
ghlltwa How far health limits amount of work
ghliv65 IC: Respondent 65+
gadla Ability to: Manage stairs
gadlad Ease of: Managing stairs
gadlb Ability to: Get around house
gadlbd Ease of: Getting around house
gadlc Ability to: Get in/out of bed
gadlcd Ease of: Geting in/out of bed
gadld Ability to: Cut toenails
gadldd Ease of: Cutting toenails
gadle Ability to: Bath/shower
gadled Ease of: Bathing/showering
gadlf Ability to: Walk down road
gadlfd Ease of: Walking down road
ghl2gp No. of visits to GP since 1.9.96
ghl2hop Num visits to out-patients in past year
gxdts Whether accident since 1.9.96
gnxdts No. of serious accidents since 1.9.96
ghosp Hospital in-patient since 1.9.96
ghospd Hospital in-patient: days since 1.9.96
ghospch Hospital stays were for childbirth
ghospnhs Hospital stays NHS or private
ghlcvr Covered by private medical insurance
ghlcvrh How medical insurance paid for
ghlcvrl Cost to resp. Of medical insurance
ghlsv Health service: used any since 1.9.96
ghlsva Health service: used health visitor
ghlsvan Health service: health visitor NHS/priv
ghlsvaf Health service: health visitor free/paid
ghlsvb Welfare service: used home help
ghlsvbn Welfare service: home help NHS/private
ghlsvbf Welfare service: home help free/paid
ghlsvc Welfare service: used meals on wheels
ghlsvcn Welfare service:meals on wheels NHS/priv
ghlsvcf Welfare service:meals on wheels free/pd
ghlsvd Welfare service: used social worker
ghlsvdn Welfare service: social worker NHS/priv
ghlsvdf Welfare service: social worker free/paid
ghlsve Health service: used chiropodist
ghlsven Health service: chiropodist NHS/private
ghlsvef Health service: chiropodist free/paid
ghlsvf Health service:used alternative medicine
ghlsvfn Health service:alt. medicine NHS/private
ghlsvff Health service: alt. medicine free/paid
ghlsvg Welfare service: used psychotherapist
ghlsvgn Welfare service: psychotherapy NHS/priv
ghlsvgf Welfare service: psychotherapy free/paid
ghlsvh Welfare service: used speech therapist
ghlsvhn Welfare service: speech therapy NHS/priv
ghlsvhf Welfare service:speech therapy free/paid
ghlsvi Health service: used physiotherapist
ghlsvin Health service: physiotherapy NHS/priv
ghlsvif Health service: physiotherapy free/paid
ghlsvj Welfare service: used other service (i)
ghlsvjn Welfare service: other serv (i) NHS/priv
ghlsvjf Welfare service:other serv (i) free/paid
ghlsvk Welfare service: used other service (ii)
ghlsvkn Welfare service:other serv (ii) NHS/priv
ghlsvkf Welfare service:other serv(ii) free/paid
ghlsvl Health service: saw consultant/o'patient
ghlsvln Health service:consult/outpatnt NHS/priv
ghlsvlf Health service: consult/outpatnt free/pd
ghlsvm Health service: family planning
ghlsvmn Health service: family planning NHS/priv
ghlsvmf Health service:family planning free/paid
ghlck Has had listed health check
ghlcka Health check-up: dental
ghlckan Health check-up: dental NHS/private
ghlckb Health check-up: eyetest
ghlckbn Health check-up: eyetest NHS/private
ghlckc Health check-up: chest or other x-ray
ghlckcn Health check-up: chest x-ray NHS/private
ghlckd Health check-up: blood pressure
ghlckdn Health check-up: blood pressure NHS/priv
ghlcke Health check-up: cholesterol test
ghlcken Health check-up: cholesterol NHS/private
ghlckf Health check-up: other checks
ghlckfn Health check-up:other checks NHS/private
ghlckg Health check-up: cervical smear
ghlckgn Health check-up: cervical smear NHS/priv
ghlckh Health check-up: breast screen
ghlckhn Health check-up: breast screen NHS/priv
ghlcki Health check-up: blood test
ghlckin Health check-up: blood test NHS/priv
gsmoker Smoker
gncigs Number of cigarettes smoked
gophla All health care should be free
gophlb Compulsory private insurance if can pay
gophlc Unfair that wealth buys medical priority
gaidhh Cares for handicapped/other in household
gaidhua PNO of 1st cared for person
gaidhub PNO of 2nd cared for person
gaidhuc PNO of 3rd cared for person
gaidxhh Provides care for non-resident person
gnaidxhh Number of non-residents cared for
gaidhu1 Caring:relation to 1st non-res dependant
gaidhu2 Caring:relation to 2nd non-res dependant
gaidhrs Hours per week spent caring
givma Health section: respondent alone
givmb Health section: partner present
givmc Health section: other adults present
givmd Health section: child/ren present
givme Health section: supervisor present
gjbhas Did paid work last week
gjboff No work last week but has job
gjboffy Reason off work last week
gjbterm Current job: permanent or temporary
gjbsoc Occupation (SOC): current main job
gjbsic Industry (SIC) of employer: current job
gjbsic92 Industry (SIC92) of employer: current job
gjbsemp Employee or self-employed: current job
gjbmngr Managerial duties: current job
gjbsize No. employed at workplace: current job
gjbhrs No. of hours normally worked per week
gjbot No. of overtime hours in normal week
gjbotpd No. of hours worked as paid overtime
gjbhrlk Preference over hours worked
gjbpl Work location
gjbttwt Minutes spent travelling to work
gjbttwm Main means of travel to work
gjbsat1 Job satisfaction: promotion prospects
gjbsat2 Job satisfaction: total pay
gjbsat3 Job satisfaction: relations with boss
gjbsat4 Job satisfaction: security
gjbsat5 Job satisfaction: use of initiative
gjbsat6 Job satisfaction: work itself
gjbsat7 Job satisfaction: hours worked
gjbsat Job satisfaction: overall
gpaygl Gross pay at last payment
gpaygw Pay period (weeks): last gross pay
gpaynl Take-home pay at last payment
gpaynw Pay period (weeks): last take-home pay
gpayslp Pay slip seen by interviewer
gpayusl Was last gross pay the usual amount
gpayu Usual pay
gpayuw Usual pay: pay period (weeks)
gpayug Usual pay: gross/net of deductions
gpaydf1 Last pay unusual: included back pay
gpaydf2 Last pay unusual: included holiday pay
gpaydf3 Last pay unusual: included tax refund
gpaydf4 Last pay unusual: included sick pay
gpaydf5 Last pay unusual: sick without pay
gpaydf6 Last pay unusual: included maternity pay
gpaydf7 Last pay unusual through overtime
gpaydf8 Last pay unusual for other reason
gjbbgd Day started current job
gjbbgm Month started current job
gjbbgy4 Year started current job
gjbbgly Started job after 1.9.96
gjbsect Employing organisation: current job
gjbonus Pay includes bonuses or profit share
gjbonam Amount of bonus
gjbong Bonus payment: Gross or nett
gjbrise Pay includes annual increments
gtujbpl Union or staff association at workplace
gtuin1 Member of workplace union
gtuin2 Member of any trade union or similar
gjbopps Promotion opportunities in current job
gjbopcr Job has a recognised career path
gjbtime Times of day usually work
gpays Starting pay: job start after 1.9.96
gpaysw Starting pay period (weeks): current job
gpaysg Starting pay gross or net: current job
gjbpen Pension: employer runs a pension scheme
gjbpenm Pension: member of employers scheme
gpayly Usual pay at 1.9.96
gpaylyw Usual pay at 1.9.96: pay period (weeks)
gpaylyg Usual pay at 1.9.96: gross/net deduction
gjbbglye Started job after 1.1.96
gpaylye Usual pay at 1.1.96
gpaylywe Usual pay at 1.1.96: pay period (weeks)
gpaylyge Usual pay at 1.1.96: gross/net deduction
gjsboss S/emp: hires employees
gjssize S/emp: number of employees
gjshrs S/emp: hours normally worked per week
gjshrlk S/emp: preference over hours worked
gjstime S/emp: times of day usually work
gjstypeb S/emp: nature of employment
gjsaccs S/emp: draws up profit/loss accounts
gjspart S/emp: Own account or in partnership
gjsprbm S/emp: date accounts began: month
gjsprby4 S/emp: date accounts began: year
gjsprem S/emp: date accounts ended: month
gjsprey4 S/emp: date accounts ended: year
gjsprf S/emp: net profit in last yearly account
gjsprls S/emp accounts: whether profit or loss
gjsprtx S/emp accounts: whether before tax
gjsprni S/emp accounts: whether before NI
gjspayu S/emp: Average earnings last 12 months
gjspayw S/emp: Average earnings weekly/monthly
gjspytx S/emp: Earnings: whether before tax
gjspyni S/emp: Earnings: whether before NI
gjspl S/emp: work location
gjsttwt S/emp: Minutes spent travelling to work
gjsttwm S/emp: Main means of travel to work
gjssat1 S/emp: job satisfaction: total pay
gjssat2 S/emp: job satisfaction: job security
gjssat3 S/emp: job satisfaction: initiative
gjssat4 S/emp: job satisfaction: work itself
gjssat5 S/emp: job satisfaction: hours worked
gjssat S/emp: job satisfaction: overall
gjsbgd S/emp: day started present job
gjsbgm S/emp: month started present job
gjsbgy4 S/emp: year started present job
gjbed Had work related training since 1.9.96
gjbed1 Training: induction for current job
gjbed2 Training:increase skills for current job
gjbed3 Training: improve skills for current job
gjbed4 Training: preparation for future jobs
gjbed5 Training: to develop skills generally
gjbedq Time on employer-based training, amount
gjbedp1 Time on employer-based training, units
geprosa Chance of: better job/current employer
geprosb Chance of: work related training
geprosc Chance of: becoming unemployed
geprosd Chance of: job with new employer
geprose Chance of: start own business
geprosf Chance of: giving up work
grach12 Responsible for dependent child under 12
gjbchc1 Childcare: 1st mention
gjbchc2 Childcare: 2nd mention
gjbchc3 Childcare: 3rd mention
gxpchcf Childcare: free or paid for
gxpchc Childcare: weekly cost
ghuxpch Who pays for childcare
ghunurs Who cares for ill children
gjulk1 Looked for work in last 7 days
gjulk4 Looked for work in last 4 weeks
gjulka Applied directly to employer
gjulkb Studied/replied to adverts
gjulkc Used job centre/employment agency
gjulkd Asked friends or contacts
gjulke Taken steps to start own business
gjulkjb Would like a regular paid job
gjubgn Able to start work within 2 weeks
gjuspec Looking for /would like a particular job
gjusoc Occupation (SOC) of job sought
gjuhrsx Expected work hours: jobseeker
gjupayx Expected weekly net pay: jobseeker
gjupayl Lowest net pay considered: jobseeker
gjuhrsl Expected hours for lowest pay jobseeker
geprosg Chance starting work within 6 months
geprosh Chance starting work within 12 months
geaage Whether working age
gjbub Currently signed on at UB Office
gjbuby Reason why signed on at UB Office
gj2has Has a second paid job
gj2soc Occupation (SOC), second job
gj2semp Employee or self employed, second job
gj2hrs No. of hours worked per month, 2nd job
gj2pay Gross earnings from 2nd jobs last month
gjbhha Family commitments prevented job search
gjbhhb Family commitments prevented taking job
gjbhhc Family commitments prevented job change
gjbhhd Family commitments required job change
gjbhhe Family commitments required leaving job
gjbhhf Family commitments led to less work hrs
givea Employment section: respondent alone
giveb Employment section: partner present
givec Employment section: other adult present
gived Employment section: child present
givee Employment section: supervisor present
gednew Any training/ education since 1.9.96
gednew1 Job training: to develop general skills
gednew2 Job training: to prepare for future job
gednew3 Job training: to increase skills
gednew4 Job training: to improve skills
gednewq Time on non-employer training, amount
gednewp1 Time on non-employer training, units
gnemst Current labour force status
gcjsbgd Day current labour force status began
gcjsbgm Month current labour force status began
gcjsbgy4 Year current labour force status began
gcjsbly IC:Current l.f. spell began after 1.9.96
gcjsblye IC:Current l.f. spell began after 1.1.96
gnjbs Number of periods of paid employment
gjbhad Ever had paid employment
gjlend4 Year left last job
gjlsoc Occupation (SOC) of last job
gjlsic Industry (SIC) of last job
gjlsemp Employee or self employed, last job
gjlboss Hired employees, last job
gjlmngr Managerial duties, last job
gjlsize Number employed at workplace, last job
givja Job hist section: respondent alone
givjb Job hist section: partner present
givjc Job hist section: other adults present
givjd Job hist section: child/ren present
givje Job hist section: supervisor present
gopsoca Ordinary people share nations wealth
gopsocb One law for rich and one for poor
gopsocc Private enterprise solves economic probs
gopsocd Public services ought to be state owned
gopsoce Govt. has obligation to provide jobs
gopsocf Strong trade unions protect employees
gvote1 Supports a particular political party
gvote2 Closer to one political party than other
gvote3 Party which would vote for tomorrow
gvote4 Which political party closest to
gvote5 Strength of support for stated party
gvote7 Voted in last general election
gvote8 Party voted for in last general election
gorgm Member of one of listed organisations
gorgma Member of political party
gorgaa Active in political party
gorgmb Member of trade union
gorgab Active in trade union
gorgmc Member of environmental group
gorgac Active in environmental group
gorgmd Member of parents association
gorgad Active in parents association
gorgme Member of tenants or residents group
gorgae Active in tenants group
gorgmf Member of religious group
gorgaf Active in religious group
gorgmg Member of voluntary service group
gorgag Active in voluntary group
gorgmh Member of other community group
gorgah Active in other community group
gorgmi Member of social group
gorgai Active in social group
gorgmj Member of sports club
gorgaj Active in sports club
gorgmk Member of womens institute
gorgak Active in womens institute
gorgml Member of womens group
gorgal Active in womens group
gorgmm Member of other organisation
gorgam Active in other organisation
gorgmo Member of professional organisation
gorgao Active in professional organisation
gorgmp Member of pensioners organisation
gorgap Active in pensioners organisation
gorgmq Member of Scout/Guides organisation
gorgaq Active in Scout/Guides organisations
gorga Active in any listed organisations
gfrna Frequency of talking to neighbours
gfrnb Frequency of meeting people
gfrnc Spoken to someone in past week
gfrnd Proportion leisure associates unemployed
gfrne Proportion leisure associates employed
goprlg1 Religion
goprlg2 Attendance at religious services
goprlg3 Religion makes a difference to life
gcaruse Has use of car or van
gyppar Whether parent of young person
gpyhlth Whose responsibility are health matters
gpyhwrk Monitoring of homework
gpynyp How many eligible for youth interview
gpypno1 First youth person number
gpyage1 Age of first youth
gpypno2 Second youth person number
gpyage2 Age of second youth
gpypno3 Third youth person number
gpyage3 Age of third youth
gpywhr1 1st youth: tells where is going
gpyman1 1st youth: how easy/difficult to manage
gpyarg1 1st youth: how often you quarrel
gpytlk1 1st youth: how often you talk
gpysmk1 1st youth: smokes regularly
gpysad1 1st youth: days unhappy in past month
gpywor1 1st youth: nights lost sleep past week
gpywhr2 2nd youth: tells where is going
gpyman2 2nd youth: how easy/difficult to manage
gpyarg2 2nd youth: how often you quarrel
gpytlk2 2nd youth: how often you talk
gpysmk2 2nd youth: smokes regularly
gpysad2 2nd youth: days unhappy in past month
gpywor2 2nd youth: nights lost sleep past week
gpywhr3 3rd youth: tells where is going
gpyman3 3rd youth: how easy/difficult to manage
gpyarg3 3rd youth: how often you quarrel
gpytlk3 3rd youth: how often you talk
gpysmk3 3rd youth: smokes regularly
gpysad3 3rd youth: days unhappy in past month
gpywor3 3rd youth: nights lost sleep past week
gf101 Income: NI retirement pension
gf102 Income: pension from previous employer
gf103 Income: pension from spouses ex-employer
gf104 Income: private pension or annuity
gf105 Income: widow or war widows pension
gf106 Income: widowed mothers allowance
gf116 Income: severe disablement allowance
gf118 Income: industrial injury allowance
gf119 Income: attendance allowance
gf120 Income: mobility allowance
gf121 Income: invalid care allowance
gf122 Income: war disability pension
gf123 Income: disability living allowance
gf124 Income: disability working allowance
gf125 Income: incapacity benefit
gf131 Income: both UB and IS
gf132 Income: income support (IS)
gf133 Income: unemployment benefit (UB)
gf142 Income: Job seeker's allowance
gf135 Income: child benefit
gf136 Income: one parent benefit
gf137 Income: family credit
gf138 Income: maternity allowance
gf139 Income: housing benefit
gf140 Income: council tax benefit
gf141 Income: other state benefit
gf151 Income: educational grant
gf152 Income: trade union payments
gf153 Income: maintenance or alimony
gf154 Income: payments from relations
gf155 Income: rent from lodgers
gf156 Income: rent from other property
gf157 Income: foster allowance
gf158 Income: sickness or accident insurance
gf159 Income: any other payment
gnf1 Income: total number of cited sources
gfisit Financial situation
gfisitc Change in financial position last year
gfisity Why financial situation changed
gfisitx Financial expectations for year ahead
gfiyrdi Income last year from dividends/interest
gfiyrdiu Income last yr dividend/interest > 1000
gsave Saves from current income
gsaved Amount saved each month
gsavey1 First reason for saving
gsavey2 Second reason for saving
gpppen Paid into private personal pension
gpenb4 Personal pension started before 1.7.88
gpenb4y4 Year pre 1.7.88 pension started
gpenb4v Amount last payment to pre 1988 pension
gpenb4w Weeks covered pre 88 pension
gpenyr4 Year post 1.7.88 pension started
gpenadd Additional contrib'n to post '88 pension
gpenadv Amount last payment post 1.7.88 pension
gpenadw Weeks covered post 88 pension
gwindf Received lump payment
gwindfi Lump sum - Building Society conversion
gwindfiy Amount of: Building Society conversion
gwindfa Lump sum - life insurance policy
gwindfay Amount of: Insurance policy
gwindfb Lump sum - pension payout
gwindfby Amount of: Lump-sum pension
gwindfc Lump sum - personal accident claim
gwindfcy Amount of: Accident claim
gwindfd Lump sum - redundancy payment
gwindfdy Amount of: Redundancy payment
gwindff Lump sum - inheritance / bequest
gwindffy Amount of: Inheritance/bequest
gwindfg Lump sum - win on pools/nat.Lottery etc
gwindfgy Amount of: Pools/lottery win
gwindfh Lump sum - anything else
gwindfhy Amount of: Something else
gbscon IC: BS conversion bonus received
gbscnsp Use made of conversion bonus
gbscnsp1 How conversion bonus spent 1st mention
gbscnsp2 How conversion bonus spent 2nd mention
gxpmeal Amount spent eating out per month
gxpleis Amount spent on leisure per month
gftexhh Transfers money to non-resident person
gftexa Relationship to 1st non-res recipient
gftexa1 Maintenance payment to 1st non-resident
gftexa2 HH bills payment to 1st non-resident
gftexa3 Education payment to 1st non-resident
gftexa4 Allowance/Spending Money to 1st non-res
gftexa5 Loan repayment to 1st non-resident
gftexa6 Other payment to 1st non-resident
gftexav Amount maintenance paid to 1st non-resid
gftexaw Wks covered by m'ntenance to 1st non-res
gftexb Relationship to 2nd non-res recipient
gftexb1 Maintenance payment to 2nd non-resident
gftexb2 HH bills payment to 2nd non-resident
gftexb3 Education payment to 2nd non-resident
gftexb4 Allowance/Spending Money to 2nd non-res
gftexb5 Loan repayment to 2nd non-resident
gftexb6 Other payment to 2nd non-resident
gftexbv Amount maintenance paid to 2nd non-resid
gftexbw Wks covered by m'ntenance to 2nd non-res
gftexc Relationship to 3rd non-res recipient
gftexc1 Maintenance payment to 3rd non-resident
gftexc2 HH bills payment to 3rd non-resident
gftexc3 Education payment to 3rd non-resident
gftexc4 Allowance/Spending Money to 3rd non-res
gftexc5 Loan repayment to 3rd non-resident
gftexc6 Other payment to 3rd non-resident
gftexcv Amount maintenance paid to 3rd non-resid
gftexcw Wks covered by m'ntenance to 3rd non-res
gspinhh Whether living with spouse or partner
ghubuys Who does the grocery shopping (couples)
ghufrys Who does the cooking (couples)
ghumops Who does the cleaning (couples)
ghuiron Who does the washing/ironing (couples)
gfair1 Is allocation of housework fair
ghhch12 Child/ren under 12 in household
ghusits Who is responsible for childcare
gfair2 Are childcare arrangements fair
ghowlng Hours per week on housework
gqallif1 Quality of life: 1st mention
gqallif2 Quality of life: 2st mention
gqallif3 Quality of life: 3st mention
gqallif4 Quality of life: 4st mention
givfa H/hold finance section: respondent alone
givfb H/hold finance section: partner alone
givfc H/hold finance section: adult present
givfd H/hold finance section: child present
givfe H/hold finance sect: supervisor present
givfoih Hour interview finished
givfoim Minute interview finished
givsc IC: self completion document
giv1 Others present during interview
giv2 Did others influence interview
giv4 Cooperation of respondent
giv5 Completion of tracking schedule
giv6a Problems affecting interview: eyesight
giv6b Problems affecting interview: hearing
giv6c Problems affecting interview: reading
giv6d Problems affecting interview: english
giv6e Problems affecting interview: language
giv6f Problems affecting interview: interprete
giv7 PNO of interpreter
gghqa GHQ: concentration
gghqb GHQ: loss of sleep
gghqc GHQ: playing a useful role
gghqd GHQ: capable of making decisions
gghqe GHQ: constantly under strain
gghqf GHQ: problem overcoming difficulties
gghqg GHQ: enjoy day-to-day activities
gghqh GHQ: ability to face problems
gghqi GHQ: unhappy or depressed
gghqj GHQ: losing confidence
gghqk GHQ: believe in self-worth
gghql GHQ: general happiness
gopfama Pre-school child suffers if mother works
gopfamb Family suffers if mother works full-time
gopfamc Woman and family happier if she works
gopfamd Husband and wife should both contribute
gopfame Full time job makes woman independent
gopfamf Husband should earn, wife stay at home
gopfamg Children need father as much as mother
gopfamh Employers should help with childcare
gopfami Single parents are as good as couples
glfsat1 Satisfaction with: health
glfsat2 Satisfaction with: income of hhold
glfsat3 Satisfaction with: house/flat
glfsat4 Satisfaction with: spouse/partner
glfsat5 Satisfaction with: job
glfsat6 Satisfaction with: social life
glfsat7 Satisfaction with: amount of leisure time
glfsat8 Satisfaction with: use of leisure time
glfsato Satisfaction with: life overall
glfsatl Satisfaction compared with last year
gxsupa Someone outside HH can help if depressed
gxsupb Someone outside HH can help find job
gxsupc Someone outside HH can borrow money from
gssupa Is there someone who will listen
gssupb Is there someone to help in a crisis
gssupc Is there someone you can relax with
gssupd Anyone who really appreciates you
gssupe Anyone you can count on to offer comfort
gssup1 Sex of closest friend
gssupr2r Relationship of closest friend to resp
gprrs2i Relationship of Proxy to Informant
gpripn Person number of informant
gprwhy Reason for Proxy
gpplevr Proxy Lived at this address all life
gprfehq Proxy's Highest FE qualification
gprsehq Proxy's Highest school qualification
gpresbgm Month started economic status - proxy
gpresby4 Year started economic status - proxy
gpresly Started status after 1.9.96 - proxy
gprf101 Income: NI retirement pension - proxy
gprf102 Income: pension from prev. empl.-pxy
gprf116 Income: invaldty/disablty allowance-pxy
gprf125 Income: incapacity benefit
gprf131 Income: UB and/or income support-proxy
gprf135 Income: child benefit
gprf137 Income: family credit
gprf139 Income: housing ben/rent rebate-proxy
gprf141 Income: other state benefit
gprfirn Income: none of listed benefits-proxy
gprearn Proxy's total earnings, banded
gprjbbgm Month started current job-proxy
gprjbby4 Year started current job-proxy
gprjbly Job started after 1.9.96 - proxy
gprfitb Proxy's personal income, banded
givpa Proxy questionnaire: informant alone
givpb Proxy questionnaire: partner alone
givpc Proxy questionnaire: adult present
givpd Proxy questionnaire: child present
givpe Proxy questionnaire: supervisor present
gtelwhy Why has a telephone interview
gprjbft Proxy's Job full time / part time
gtlfiyrl Telephone questionnaire: Annual job pay
gtlfiyr Telephone questionnaire: Annual income
pid Cross-wave person identifier
pidp Cross-wave person identifier (UKHLS)
giviow6 Interview outcome Wave 6
ghhmem Household membership
gnewhy New entrants - why living in HH
gnemnjn New entrants - month joined HH
gneyrjn4 New entrants - year joined HH
givfio Individual interview outcome
giodc Document check
gmemorig Sample Origin: original BHPS or ECHP
ghgr2r Relationship to reference person
ghgsex Sex - HH grid
ghgbm Month of birth - HH grid
ghgby Year of birth - HH grid
gmastat Marital status
ghgspn PNO of spouse/partner
ghgemp In paid employment - HH grid
ghgfno PNO of father
ghgmno PNO of mother
ghgra Responsible adult
gage Age at Date of Interview
gage12 Age at 1.12.1997
gbutype Benefit unit type
gbuno Benefit Unit Number
gnchild Number of own children in household
ghoh Conventional Head of Household Indicator
grach16 Whether responsible adult for child
gsampst Sample membership status
gmovest Individual mover status
gregion Region / Metropolitan Area
ghhsize Number of people in household
ghhtype Household Type
gtenure Housing tenure
gqfedhi Highest educational qualification
gqfvoc Has vocational qualifications
gqfachi Highest academic qualification
gjbft Employed full time
gpayg Gross rate of pay per month:last payment
gpayn Net rate of pay per month: last payment
gpaygu Usual gross pay per month: current job
gpaynu Usual net pay per month: current job
gpaygty Usual monthly gross pay: Sept this year
gpaygly Usual monthly gross pay: Sept year ago
gpaynty Usual monthly net pay: Sept this year
gpaynly Usual monthly net pay: Sept year ago
gjsprof Monthly self employed profit
gjsloss Amount: self-employment losses
gjspayg Monthly self employed gross pay
gcjsten Length (days) current labour market sp.
gcjswk9 Weeks in current spell: year to 1.9.97
gjlid Identifier of latest job
gjlyid Identifier of job spell at 1.9.96
gjtyid Identifier of job spell at 1.9.97
gjbseg Socio economic group: present job
gjbgold Goldthorpe Social Class: present job
gjbrgsc RG Social Class: present job
gjbisco International SOC : present job
gjbcssm Cambridge Scale males : present job
gjbcssf Cambridge Scale females : present job
gjbhgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : present job
gjbsec Socio-Economic Class: current job
gnjbwks Annual weeks employed: year to Sept 1
gnjuwks Annual weeks unemployed: year to Sept 1
gnjiwks Annual weeks inactive: year to Sept 1
gnjbnew No. different employers: year to Sept 1
gnjbsp No. employment spells: year to Sept 1
gnjusp No. unemployment spells: year to Sept 1
gnjisp No. inactive spells: year to Sept 1
gjbstatl Employment status on Sept 1, year ago
gjbstatt Employment status on Sept 1, this year
gjbsocly Occupation (SOC): job on 1.9.96
gjlseg Socio economic group: last job
gjlgold Goldthorpe Social Class: last job
gjlrgsc RG Social Class: last job
gjlisco International SOC : last job
gjlcssm Cambridge Scale males : last job
gjlcssf Cambridge Scale females : last job
gjlhgs Hope - Goldthorpe Scale : last job
gjlsec Socio-Economic Class: last job
gnorgm Number of organisations member of
gnorga Number of organisations active in
gvote Political party supported
gfimnp Pension income: last month
gfimnb Benefit income: last month
gfimni Investment income: last month
gfimnt Transfer income: last month
gfimnl Labour income: last month
gfimnnl Non-labour income: last month
gfimn Total Income: last month
gfiyrl Annual labour income (1.9.96-1.9.97)
gfiyrnl Annual non-labour income (1.9.96-1.9.97)
gfiyrp Annual pension income (1.9.96-1.9.97)
gfiyrb Annual benefit income (1.9.96-1.9.97)
gfiyrt Annual transfer income (1.9.96-1.9.97)
gfiyri Annual investment income (1.9.96-1.9.97)
gfiyr Annual income (1.9.96-1.9.97)
gfihhmn Household income: month before interview
ghlghq1 Subjective wellbeing (GHQ) 1: Likert
ghlghq2 Subjective wellbeing (GHQ) 2: Caseness
gspjb Whether spouse/partner employed now
gspsoc Spouse/partner's Occupation
gspjbhr Spouse/partner's weekly work hours
gspjbot Spouse/partner's weekly overtime
gsppayg Spouse/partner's monthly gross pay
gspjbyr Whether spse/partner employed last year
glrwght Longitudinal respondent weight
glewght Longitudinal enumerated individual weight
gxrwght X-sectional respondent weight
gxewght X-sectional enumerated individual weight
gj2payi Imputation flag - GJ2PAY (base)
gfiyrdii Imputation flag - GFIYRDI (base)
gprearni Imputation flag - GPREARN (base)
gprfitbi Imputation flag - GPRFITB (base)
gpaygui Imputation flag - GPAYGU (derived)
gpaynui Imputation flag - GPAYNU (derived)
gpaygti Imputation flag - GPAYGTY (derived)
gpaygli Imputation flag - GPAYGLY (derived)
gpaynti Imputation flag - GPAYNTY (derived)
gpaynli Imputation flag - GPAYNLY (derived)
gjsprofi Imputation flag - GJSPROF (derived)
gjspaygi Imputation flag - GJSPAYG (derived)
gfimnpi Imputation flag - GFIMNP (derived)
gfimnbi Imputation flag - GFIMNB (derived)
gfimnii Imputation flag - GFIMNI (derived)
gfimnti Imputation flag - GFIMNT (derived)
gfimnnli Imputation flag - GFIMNNL (derived)
gfimnli Imputation flag - GFIMNL (derived)
gfimnthi Imputation flag - GFIMN (derived)
gfiyrli Imputation flag - GFIYRL (derived)
gfiyrnli Imputation flag - GFIYRNL (derived)
gfiyrpi Imputation flag - GFIYRP (derived)
gfiyrbi Imputation flag - GFIYRB (derived)
gfiyrti Imputation flag - GFIYRT (derived)
gfiyrii Imputation flag - GFIYRI (derived)
gfiyeari Imputation flag - GFIYR (derived)
gsppaygi Imputation flag - GSPPAYG (derived)
gfihhmni Imputation flag - GFIHHMN (derived)
gmrjend Year left most recent job
gmrjsoc Occupation (SOC) of most recent job
gmrjsic Industry (SIC) of most recent job
gmrjsemp Employee or self emp., most recent job
gmrjboss Hired employees, most recent job
gmrjmngr Managerial duties, most recent job
gmrjsize Number at workplace, most recent job
gmrjseg Socio economic group: most recent job
gmrjgold Goldthorpe Class: most recent job
gmrjrgsc RG Social Class: most recent job
gmrjisco International SOC: most recent job
gmrjcssm Cambridge Scale M: most recent job
gmrjcssf Cambridge Scale F: most recent job
gmrjhgs Hope-Goldthorpe Scale: most recent job
gmrjsec Socio-Economic Class: most recent job
gxrwghte ECHP X-sectional respondent weight
gxewghte ECHP X-sectional enumerated indv weight
gfimnsel Indicator: S/Emp loss not inc. in GFIMN
gsppid Cross-wave person identifier of spouse
gfpid Cross-wave person identifier of father
gmpid Cross-wave person identifier of mother
gdistmov Distance of residential move
gregion2 Government Office Region
gisced ISCED levels
gcasmin CASMIN levels
gjbiscon International SOC (num): present job
gjliscon International SOC (num): last job
gmrjiscn International SOC (num): most recent job
gjbsoc_cc Occupation (SOC): current main job - condensed
gjlsoc_cc Occupation (SOC) of last job - condensed
gj2soc_cc Occupation (SOC), second job - condensed
gjusoc_cc Occupation (SOC) of job sought - condensed
gjbsocly_cc Occupation (SOC): job on 1.9.2005 - condensed
gspsoc_cc Spouse/partner's Occupation - condensed
gmrjsoc_cc Occupation (SOC) of most recent job - condensed
gjbiscon_cc International SOC (num): present job - condensed
gjliscon_cc International SOC (num): last job - condensed
gmrjiscn_cc International SOC (num): most recent job - condensed
gjbisco_cc International SOC : present job - condensed
gjlisco_cc International SOC : last job - condensed
gmrjisco_cc International SOC: most recent job - condensed
gplbornc_cc country of birth: condensed UKHLS classification