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BHPS Documentation and Questionnaires

Record Type fhhresp

fhid Household identification number
fhhdoi Day of interview
fhhmoi Month of interview
fhhyoi Year of interview
fhstype Type of accommodation
fhsrins Institutional accommodation rented
fhsroom Number of rooms in accommodation
fhsownd House owned or rented
fhsowr1 PNO of 1st person owning accommodation
fhsowr2 PNO of 2nd person owning accommodation
fmghave Home mortgaged or owned outright
fhsowrp Outright homeowner before 1.9.95
fmgynot How home came to be owned outright
fhscost Original purchase price of property
fmgly Mortgage on home before 1.9.95
fhsivw5 HH interview this address last year
fmgxtra Taken out additional mortgage on home
fmgnew Amount of additional mortgage on home
fmgxty1 Extra loan for home extension
fmgxty2 Extra loan for home improvements
fmgxty3 Extra loan for car purchase
fmgxty4 Extra loan for other consumer goods
fmgxty5 Extra loan for other specified reason
fmgold Amount borrowed at purchase: mortgagee
fmglife Years left to pay: mortgagee
fmgtype Type of mortgage
fxpmg Last total monthly mortgage payment
fxpmg1 Mortgage includes protection policy
fxpmg2 Mortgage includes structure insurance
fxpmg3 Mortgage includes contents insurance
fxpmg4 Mortgage includes extra payments
fmgyr0 Year mortgage began
fhsyr0 Year became owner: home bought outright
fhsval Value of property: home owners
fmgtot Total mortgage on all property
fhsjb Accommodation with present job: renter
frentp1 Who rents accommodation: 1st mention
frentp2 Who rents accommodation: 2nd mention
frentll Landlord of rented accommodation
frentf Accommodation rented furnished or other
frent Net amount of last rent payment
frentw Weeks covered by last rent payment
frent1 Rent includes water charges
frent2 Rent includes land or business premises
frent3 Rent includes garage
frent4 Rent includes heating lighting or water
frent5 Rent includes meals
frent6 Rent includes other services
frent7 Rent includes sewerage charges
frent8 Rent includes council tax
frenthb Receives rent rebate or rent allowance
frentg Gross rent including Housing Benefit
frentgw Weeks covered by gross rent
fxphsdf Problems paying for housing over year
fxphsd1 Housing payments required borrowing
fxphsd2 Housing payments required cutbacks
fxphsdb Been 2+ months late with housing payment
fhskch Accom: has separate kitchen
fhskchs Accom: is separate kitchen shared
fhsbth Accom: has separate bathroom
fhsbths Accom: is separate bathroom shared
fhstlt Accom: has indoor toilet
fhstlts Accom: is indoor toilet shared
fhsgdn Accom: has terrace/garden
fhsgdns Accom: is terrace/garden shared
fheatch Household has central heating
fheatyp Central heating fuel type
fhsprbg Accom: shortage of space
fhsprbh Accom: noise from neighbours
fhsprbi Accom: street noise
fhsprbj Accom: not enough light
fhsprbk Accom: lack of adequate heating
fhsprbl Accom: condensation
fhsprbm Accom: leaky roof
fhsprbn Accom: damp walls, floors etc
fhsprbo Accom: rot in windows, floors
fhsprbp Accom: pollution/environmental problems
fhsprbq Accom: vandalism or crime
fhsctax Council tax band of accommodation
fcdhave Has one of listed items in accommodation
fcdbght Bought any consumer durable since 1.9.95
fcd1use Colour TV in accommodation
fcd1new Colour TV bought in last year
fcd2use VCR in accommodation
fcd2new VCR bought in last year
fcd4use Washing machine in accommodation
fcd4new Washing machine bought in last year
fcd6use Dish washer in accommodation
fcd6new Dish washer bought in last year
fcd7use Microwave oven in accommodation
fcd7new Microwave oven bought in last year
fcd8use Home computer in accommodation
fcd8new Home computer bought in last year
fcd9use CD player in accommodation
fcd9new CD player bought in last year
fcd10use Satellite Dish in accommodation
fcd10new Satellite Dish bought in last year
fcd11use Cable TV in accommodation
fcd11new Cable TV bought in last year
fcd12use Telephone in accommodation
fcd12new Telephone bought in last year
fcdnuxp Amount spent on items in past year
fhspc IC: Household has home computer
fhswpc Type of computer in household
fpcwhen When was computer acquired
fpcmodm Does computer have fax/modem
fpcnet Is computer connected to the internet
fpcusr1 Computer user : 1st mentioned
fpcusr2 Computer user : 2nd mentioned
fpcusr3 Computer user : 3rd mentioned
fpcusr4 Computer user : 4th mentioned
fpcusr5 Computer user : 5th mentioned
fpcusr6 Computer user : 6th mentioned
fpcuse1 Computer use : paid work
fpcuse2 Computer use: voluntary work
fpcuse3 Computer use : educational work
fpcuse4 Computer use : playing games
fpcuse5 Computer use : word processing
fpcuse6 Computer use : financial accounts
fpcuse7 Computer use : other
fpcuses Computer user : frequency
fxphp Repayments on hire purchase or loans
fxphpdf Repayments a burden on household
fhscana Keep home adequately warm
fhscnta Would like to keep home warm
fhscanb Pay for annual holiday
fhscntb Would like to pay for annual holiday
fhscanc Replace furniture
fhscntc Would like to replace furniture
fhscand Buy new clothes
fhscntd Would like to buy new clothes
fhscane Eat meat on alternate days
fhscnte Would like meat on alternate days
fhscanf Feed visitors once a month
fhscntf Can't afford visitors once a month
fxpfood Total weekly food and grocery bill
fncars Car or van available for private use
fcarown Household member owns vehicle
fivh1 PNO of 1st person answering HH questions
fivh2 PNO of 2nd person answering HH questions
fivh3 PNO of 3rd person answering HH questions
fivfho Final household interview outcome
fhhdc Household level document check
fxhwght Household Weight
fhhsize Number of Persons in Household
fhhtype Household Type
fregion Region / Metropolitan Area
fnch02 Number children in household aged 0-2
fnch34 Number children in household aged 3-4
fnch511 Number children in household aged 5-11
fnch1215 Number children in household aged 12-15
fnch1618 Number dependent children in HH 16+
fnkids Number of children in household
fnwed Number of married persons in household
fnpens Number over pensionable age in household
fna75pl Number aged 75 and over in household
fagechy Age of youngest child in household
fncouple Number of Couples in household
fnonepar Number of Single Parents in household
fnemp Number in Employment in household
fnwage Number in household of working age
ftenure Housing tenure
fxphsn Net monthly housing costs
fxphsg Gross monthly housing costs
ffieqfcb HH Equivalence scale before hsing costs
ffieqfca HH Equivalence scale after hsing costs
ffihhyr annual household income (1.9.95-1.9.96)
ffihhmn Household income: month before interview
ffihhyl annual household labour income
ffihhynl Annual household non-labour income
ffihhyp Annual household pension income
ffihhyb Annual household benefit income
ffihhyt Annual household transfer income
ffihhyi Annual household investment income
ffihhml HH labour income month before intv
ffihhmnl HH non-labour income month before intv
ffihhmp HH pension income month before intv
ffihhmb HH benefit income month before intv
ffihhmt HH transfer income month before intv
ffihhmi HH investment income month before intv
fhhmove Mover household indicator
fmgnewi Imputation flag - FMGNEW (base)
fxpmgi Imputation flag - FXPMG (base)
fhsvali Imputation flag - FHSVAL (base)
frenti Imputation flag - FRENT (base)
frentgi Imputation flag - FRENTG (base)
fxphsni Imputation flag - FXPHSN (derived)
fxphsgi Imputation flag - FXPHSG (derived)
ffihhmni Imputation flag - FFIHHMN (derived)
ffihhmli Imputation flag - FFIHHML (derived)
ffihmnli Imputation flag - FFIHHMNL (derived)
ffihhmpi Imputation flag - FFIHHMP (derived)
ffihhmbi Imputation flag - FFIHHMB (derived)
ffihhmti Imputation flag - FFIHHMT (derived)
ffihhmii Imputation flag - FFIHHMI (derived)
ffihhyri Imputation flag - FFIHHYR (derived)
ffihhyli Imputation flag - FFIHHYL (derived)
ffihhyni Imputation flag - FFIHHYNL (derived)
ffihhypi Imputation flag - FFIHHYP (derived)
ffihhybi Imputation flag - FFIHHYB (derived)
ffihhyti Imputation flag - FFIHHYT (derived)
ffihhyii Imputation flag - FFIHHYI (derived)
fhhyoi4 Year of interview: 4 digit
fmgyr04 Year mortgage began: 4 digit
fhsyr04 Year became owner: 4 digit
fregion2 Government Office Region
floctax local taxes
fhdemp hd empl earn
fspemp sp empl earn
fhdse hd se earn
fspse sp se earn
fothlab oth hh lab income
fdeduc total hh deductions
fnetlab total lab income
fni national ins. contributions
fcontr occup. pension contr.
ftaxnet income tax net of credits
ftaxgr income tax before credits
ftaxcr credits on income tax
fgrpay hh gross labour earnings
fhcost gross housing costs
fhhi hh inv income
fhhb hh ben income
fhhp hh pension income
fhht hh transfer income
fhhneti hh net income
fhhnetde hh current net inc equ(McClements)/defl
fhmaint hh maint paid
fbhcind BHC index: Jan 1987=100
fmonum Year and month of interview: YYYYMM
fhhnetde2 hh current net inc equ(mod-oecd)/defl
feq_moecd (mean) eq_moecd
fhhyrln hh ann. net labour income
fyrni hh ann. nat. ins. contrib.
fyrcontr hh ann. occup. pens. contrib.
fhhyrlg hh ann. gross labour income
fyrtaxnt hh ann. inc. tax after credits
fyrtaxgr hh ann. inc. tax before credits
fyrtaxcr hh ann. credits on income tax
fyrdeduc hh ann. total deductions
fhhyri hh ann. invest. income
fhhyrb hh ann. ben income
fhhyrp hh ann. pension income
fhhyrt hh ann. transfer income
fhhyneti hh. ann. net income
fhhnyrde real equivalised hh ann. income
fbhcinda average inflation over reference period: 1.9. - 31.8.
fbasepi inflation index in reference month: 201001
fhhyrpi imputation flag - ffihhyp (derived)
fhhyrbi imputation flag - ffihhyb (derived)
fhhyrti imputation flag - ffihhyt (derived)
fhhyrii imputation flag - ffihhyi (derived)
fhhyrlni imputation flag - whhyrln (based on ffihhyli)
fhhnyrde2 real equivalised hh ann. Income, using mod OCED scale